El club de los suicidas

El club de los suicidas


What should you do if you are young, handsome but your life is terribly boring? Of course to die! Who can help you? Of course, two your best friends. But what if assisted suicide becomes an original way to earn? When a business plan comes to mind to the three adventurers they are no longer up to the death! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (nl) wrote: There are some good stories from seemingly legitimate sources, a lot of ridiculous tales from crazy people, and many in which it's tough to differentiate between the two. It's all a one sided story that "aliens are real" and I would've liked an argument to rebut every "fact" they claim throughout the documentary.

James P (ag) wrote: Fucking hated this piece of fucking garbage. Micheal Fassbender was the one bright spot in an otherwise utterly worthless film. His performance was quite good, but everything else was shit. Everything that could've gone wrong went wrong. The bad guy had the most irrational motive I've ever seen. If I had watched this on DVD, you can bet your ass that I would have broken the disc and burnt it in my backyard. This movie was so painful and disturbing to watch. The writer must be a heartless orc who only lives to hurt people, because that is the only purpose this movie serves. They make you feel attached to characters only to put those characters through the worst, most upsetting conditions someone can go through. I feel like I need a new set of eyes now.

Vinny M (us) wrote: really dumb but scary

Josh S (de) wrote: I Honestly can not understand why this film gets extreme hate. I purchased this film along with 3 others on a DVD set. I had watched some the others (which i will also review) but these include "Ball & Chain", "Dude Wheres the party?/Wheres the party yaar?" & "Chairman of The Board" I found this film to be...annoying in the beginning but i found it got better at about the 40 minute mark. It is very interesting seeing the main characters go through there journey. Although the ending was rather Predictable, but for this movie it actually had to be. Being in the right set of mind while watching this film, you may actually have...fun! I also thought the main performances were good, but cameos, including Will Farrell, are quite memorable. Give it a watch, you may like it. 3/5

Timothy J (br) wrote: A very watchable and funny mockumentary by Christopher Guest.

Arvinth K (us) wrote: what i can tel more abt Irish love, togetherness, country side, music, so on? --- a beautiful journey --- loved the way the gal revealed the secret at the end & her satisfaction towards the divided money --- Toast for Irish life, slainte !

Virginia B (jp) wrote: love this movie can watch it over and over.?

Joe D (au) wrote: I rented this movie so much that I probably could have purchased it about 20 times but no I kept renting it...

Alex D (ru) wrote: A decent film about films

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