El cuarto mandamiento

El cuarto mandamiento


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Irvin C (us) wrote: A demoted broadcast journalist receives a phone call in his morning talk program threatening to blow up a bridge. When the man follows through his threat, the journalist seizes it as an opportunity to climb back to the top. The film starts out quite strong. It built some genuine tension while mixing some satirical jabs at the media. But it regresses into a popcorn thriller in the third act. It's still overall a very good, solid thriller that's well worth a watch. I'm gonna predict that Hollywood is gonna be remaking this Korean film within the next 5 or so years. Mark my words.

Himanshu G (de) wrote: Finally a good movie this summer.Emraan - brilliant.Jaqueline - HotPrashant (serial killer) - AMAZINGSongs - superbPlot - Very interesting

Al H (nl) wrote: La pelcula se cae por el final.The film fails in The end.

Hobie P (it) wrote: The story is getting dull and not that fresh anymore.

Jamie C (jp) wrote: Stallone has made a few bad movies in his time and this is one of his worst, Even though it is watchable (Just), 90% of the time the comedy is cringe worthy and as soon as we meet Stallones on screen mum we hate her but I suppose that was what they were going for, As for Stallone I think even he knew what he was getting himself in for and big action stars should learn that they aren't meant to star in these films, But its not all terrible, It's certainly not going to be a film you remember Stallone by.

James S (br) wrote: The original Carry On film remains one of the series' best.

Greg W (nl) wrote: good sequel of sorts just love these RKO WWII/post WWII westerns

Seta S (fr) wrote: A rotten film, a thriller that fails to thrill. A cliche plot with sub plots that don't fit, bad acting, bad script, bad directing and bad editing conspire to produce an illogical and really boring film. Mark Wahlberg deserves special mention for his terrible performance, the same blank look pasted on his face throughout the film. Can he even act? If yes, then why didn't he do it then?I watched this film to the end, but by then I couldn't careless how what the ending was, I had lost interest early on in this rotten production.This film is brilliant in one respect, a run time of 1 hour 48 minutes goes so slowly, I felt as if a whole day had elapsed by the time the film finished.

Anneke R (nl) wrote: It was a classic movie to begin with. And then to bring Jim Carrey's take on it, was wonderful!!