El cuerpo del delito

El cuerpo del delito


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1930
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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El cuerpo del delito torrent reviews

Lisa M (us) wrote: 1 hr and 24 min that I will never get back....sorry but I could find nothing redeemable in this movie - 'thrilling and breathtaking'....some obviously would enjoy it, but this experience was lost on me...'boring and slow'

Kenny O (fr) wrote: Very Average film!!!!

Chuck B (kr) wrote: So I really like the first half of the movie as our stars decided to skip Christmas after they become empty nesters. Our couple decided to skip Christmas and spend their money to go on a luxury cruise. I enjoyed how their crazy neighbors try to pressure them into still doing Christmas, but they refuse. What I didn't like was the second half of the movie when their daughter decides to come home for Christmas, so they now have to get Christmas together for their daughter. I would have rather the story continued to be about them not doing Christmas and ending with Tim Allen giving a speech to his mean neighbors that they miss their daughter. That doing Christmas without her is too sad and they just want to spend one year with each other. I just think this could have been a different movie.

Gary (gb) wrote: Bruce Campbell meets The Thing from another world with The Fugitive. One of his greatest movies compared to Army of Darkness.

Kiki L (ru) wrote: I thought it boring ... but it's quite good. Keep rocking !!

Brian P (fr) wrote: In this thriller about right-wing paranoia and paranoia about right-wing paranoia, a college professor (Jeff Bridges) whose wife who worked for the FBI was killed in a sloppy raid of a right-wing group, suspects his new neighbors, played by Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack, of being right-wing terrorists. I loved the shocking, anti-Hollywood ending as it will be unsettling. Brilliant acting performance by Bridges.

Paul D (gb) wrote: This child genius story is more about the mother-son relationship than the brilliance of the boy, and it has quite a drab atmosphere throughout for this. It's decent enough film-making though.

Riley H (nl) wrote: Certainly a landmark film. Would have been an outright classic with better lighting and a better ending.

Josh B (kr) wrote: The chemistry between Newman and Andrews is non-existent. Newman, almost doesn't work at all in this role. There's the obviously brutal murder scene. Besides that, this is one of Hitchcock's weaker efforts.

Michael G (fr) wrote: The usual fun Bava fare. This time he sends Hercules to Hades (or Hell for those of you who've never read Bulfinch's Mythology) to save the woman he loves. One of Bava's more impressive features from a style standpoint with the lighting and camera tricks, even if the story is something you've seen before. Christopher Lee is the villain and the last ten minutes are creepy and amazing all at the same time. Hercules in the Haunted World also shows Bava's influence on future filmmakers such as Sam Raimi and Don Coscarelli. The Comic Relief Guy was too much, but overall this one's worth the time.

Indra W (us) wrote: Can not bear to watch it to the end. A waste of time. Cheesy dialog, bad acting, bad CGI. Not even a B-rated movie.

Kevin M W (au) wrote: DeNiro when he still had IT. Bill Murray as a manipulative, backstabbing, but very personable hood! And Uma Thurman as the woman between them. Thoroughly enjoyed this, this trip down memory lane, when movies were movies.