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El cuervo


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Nadia G (it) wrote: Quoi ? Une supercherie ? Vraiment ? Dire que le livre m'avait tellement emue... (!)

Amanda W (de) wrote: Different/Not Bad/Kinda Liked.

Jakob B (au) wrote: If you want to watch low-rent torture porn, sex and nudity & some cruelty galore, "Murder-Set-Pieces" is for you.

Jim S (nl) wrote: Gory, dark and claustrophobic, full of standard action sequences and only adequate acting I guess you have to be a fan of the games to appreciate this dreck. Helps to show that a film can have too much suspense to make it any good.

Chris S (ag) wrote: Wow what an expierence. Based on the horrific crimes of Andre Chikatilo, the film chronciles the study of a deranged child murderer and cannibal. Easily Malcolm McDowell's most disturbing performance since Alex in Clockwork Orange. I've always thought he was great, great in the vaine of those like Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson maybe--okay I went too far there.

Alberto M (es) wrote: Poor execution, terrible acting and lame script. Do i need to say more?

Ian W (ca) wrote: An old film that I have only just got around to seeing. Well acted, especially from Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins and, whilst the plot is not quite as sweeping and epic as some of the camerawork or superb soundtrack, I can see why it received such acclaim.

Kittykins Revamped (fr) wrote: I REALLY want to see this but haven't been able to find it anywhere. :/

Matthew L (br) wrote: Technically the first two films in the Lone Wolf and Cub series edited together into one film for a Western audience. Whilst much of the blood letting has been left in tact, with a number of standout sequences, the editing of two films leaves the narrative rather muddled. This in turn creates a rather unsatisfying film that has no conclusion and the added voice-over detracts from rather than adds to the film.

Alexandre G (jp) wrote: Great movie! Never see such absurd dialogs and situations.

Sharon S (kr) wrote: Excellent Allstar cast regarding the hardship of a single mom in the ghetto

James H (es) wrote: Exceptionally good entry in the Tarzan series, beautifully filmed, great story with a terrific cast, Henry Stephenson and Henry Wilcoxon. One of the best Tarzan films.

Kyle M (es) wrote: An action comedy 80s classic that was done with wits in the thorough writing and performances to stir up the fun and laughter, especially Murphy's wisecracking performance being in the spotlight. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Kate M (us) wrote: Quite nice :) I like this film mainly for the message it sends across - Just because people might think you're not capable, doesn't mean you should believe them. Legally Blonde gets thumbs up from me!