El custodio

El custodio

A bodyguard of a top politician is so dedicated that he's in danger of losing his own identity.

A bodyguard of a top politician is so dedicated that he's in danger of losing his own identity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tsukasa A (es) wrote: Lola's attempts to find her place are lovely.

Jenna P (ca) wrote: This would have been the undisputably the best Scooby-Doo movie since Zombie Island if it wasn't for Madelyn Dinkley, who was annoying and useless. The plot is engaging, and the characters well fleshed out. Some of the clues are hidden and not shown to the audience until Velma's exposition or things that were talked about at the end like they were obvious were only subtly shown, which was a little annoying. This was Matthew Lillard's first movie as Shaggy's voice, and at first it's a little jarring but you get used to it quickly. Kind of like SD: Loch Ness Monster, there aren't any real bad guys in this one, which was nice.

Jordan W (de) wrote: the end of a legendary comedy group

Aaron C (ag) wrote: Watched this thinking that the star-studded cast, lighthearted title and feel-good potential of this family movie could alleviate the tension of a tiring day... boy were we shocked when this proved to be a theosophical mystical kabbalistic treatise on existence, transcendence, release and (*spoiler alert*)...ultimate sacrifices.What the... a 6 year old gifted hallucination-aided speller throwing the nationals?!!?I so do Not get the point of this movie... but maybe that's coz I can't even spell cotyledon properly *whoops, my boss better not be reading this*... hey, at least i learnt something in these otherwise wasted 104 mins

Jeff M (ca) wrote: This is a very smart, funny, and realistic romantic comedy. I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

Timm S (mx) wrote: Meh..Typical Teen Comedy. Not Missing Much Here That You Ain't Seen Before.

Ryland D (kr) wrote: The pace and visuals are interesting, but the film itself is incredibly scattered and not nearly as stimulating as you would think.

Paul D (es) wrote: Kids only variation on Home Alone, except Santa is the one being beaten up with lesser ingenious pranks.

Eliabeth S (mx) wrote: Love it! Fluffy, charming, funny. The play must be just as amusing. My love for Julie Andrews will never die.

John C P (jp) wrote: This is more than the blurb says. It's a love story. It's the story about a boy dealing with gang influence. It's a story of post war Vietnam. The filming is well done. It is not overwhelmed with a score to carry the story forward. The actors and the director did an excellent job of keeping the flow. A definite film worth watching and having in the library. Haunting.

Jeff B (de) wrote: Entertaining. The music in it reminds me so much of another movie. I just can't think of which one.

Leslie D (au) wrote: Funny Full Moon Sci-Fi that was obviously inspired by The Terminator. Cheap but imaginative.

Jim R (fr) wrote: This is the two pliot episodes of the tv series so not much plot line there, but theme and special effects are some of the best I have seen in a movie. If your a fan of Sci-Fi and battlestar galactica give it a try. I liked it.

Ibraheem M (ru) wrote: The most remarkable thing about "Cabaret" is without doubt Liza Minnelli.

Ollie G (de) wrote: The action sequences are phenomenal and engrossing, the cinematography assured. However we barely scratch the surface of Crowe's character which is to the film's discredit.

Tatsuhito K (de) wrote: A stylish B-action film starring a number of A-list actors. I'm not a big fan of Jaume Collet-Serra's films, but I have to admit that he is someone who is capable of making competent and stylish B-movies, and it really shows in every frame of "Run All Night". My problem with the film is that I didn't really care about the story. It's also 20 minutes too long and takes itself way too seriously. Some of the action set-pieces are fun and I loved watching Liam Neeson being badass, but in the end this is just another generic, disposable action thriller.

Andr D (fr) wrote: Don Scardino dirige "Burt Wonderstone", la historia de dos amigos de infancia que se convierten en un par de extravagantes magos multimillonarios en Las Vegas al estilo de Sigfried & Roy y David Copperfield. Todo va bien hasta que aparece Steve Gray, un mago callejero al estilo de David Blane y Criss Angel. Steve Carrell y Steve Buscemi son graciossimos como el par de magos y Jim Carrey le inyecta veneno al mago que pone en peligro la carrera de los amigos. "Burt Wonderstone" es casi el equivalente para los magos de lo que es "Shakes The Clown" para los payasos. Pero una pelcula como esta necesita ms riesgo, ms humor negro y ms maldad.