El depredador voraz

El depredador voraz


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Colburn (nl) wrote: This has the distinction of being arguably the worst movie I have ever seen. No one should ever, under any circumstances, see this movie, but I hope you see this movie. There is a what I believe was a full 5 minute scene describing what a gun is, how it works, and where this particular gun was made. Simply remarkable. I watched this in hopes of getting a laugh out of it, but what I initially hoped to be a "The Room"-esque shit show quickly became a test of my own endurance. I made it, but what does that say about me?

Kristina K (ru) wrote: Great actors, bad directing...

David Y (de) wrote: Love films based on a true story

Tareq J (au) wrote: I have a beautiful memory here....

Stef (mx) wrote: While I probably prefer the 1999 adaptation starring Frances O'Connor, I won't deny that Billie Piper also does an excellent job portraying Fanny Price in this version of Mansfield Park.

Jos M (br) wrote: Alien Resurrection is one of those particular movies in which almost every single aspect of it is wrong.

Trevor S (ag) wrote: Keaton makes this formulaic movie work well.

Al P (it) wrote: It'll be a long 4 years.

Jacob P (nl) wrote: This is a very smart horror movie...the only problem is that it's way way way way way too short with an approximate time of 65 minutes.

Nikki M (fr) wrote: A few good laughs, watch this if your bored and want a bit of a light hearted humour!

Carlos I (br) wrote: Still such an awesome movie! It's too bad it never took off and made a directing career for Stan Winston. The scream Blu-Ray is great.

Rasmus P (au) wrote: Decent giallo made 10-15 years after the genre had it's prime offers the classic stuff one comes to expect: An unseen murderer sporting black gloves, some semi-stylish, semi-gory killings, a semi-convoluted plot and lots of semi-pretty girls (it's the 80's, even the models were kinda blah). It did keep me interested the whole time, but I'm not sure the plot would benefit from multiple viewings. Overall, everything could be worse though I would only recommend it to fans of the giallo genre.

Muhammed S (au) wrote: The film is like waaaay out there but the ending is ridiculous! Okay playing with genetic regression and that whole scenario maybe intriguing but come on what happened in the end!

Richard D (ag) wrote: John Milius' most personal film and in many ways his best. It's not really a film about surfing so much as a film about the importance of rituals in solidifying bonds of friendship, and the importance of those bonds in carrying you through rough and changing times. It has nostalgic elements like "American Graffiti", but it's less about nostalgia than it is about change. Milius' great fondness for John Ford really shines through in this film. There's a cameo by Hank Worden, but more importantly, it feels thematically and stylistically tied to Ford's great films about the interactions between masculine bonding and community. Cult film fans will note small roles for Robert Englund and Reb Brown.

Corey B (es) wrote: I have always enjoyed Bob Fosse's musicals but this one I have to say is the worst of them all. It looks like the run of the mill 60s psychedelic music that is just flat out confusing and stupid. This is one movie that should be remade, it could work pretty well in this day in age. Always thought Shirley Maclaine was attractive both when young and as she has gotten older but my god she us wearing WAY TOO MUCH make up in this. Maybe it was part of the plot that she was trying too hard. The ending really does stink, I usually like realistic ending but with how the film went this realistic ending just made me feel like I wasted 2 hours, gladly one of the special features shown the alternate ending which was MUCH MORE better.

Devon B (ca) wrote: Think fast! Your dad, Edmund Gwenn has been embezzling money and you have to escape the country and you look like Katharine Hepburn. In order to evade the authorities, do you cut off your long braids and pose as a boy? Of course you do! When you and dad run across a smuggler who looks an awful lot like Cary Grant you decide to keep up the ruse so that you might learn the tricks of being a con man. Unfortunately, you wind up being too honest to do any decent thieving so you decide to start a touring performance troupe (you, your dad, Cary Grant and some other dame you found). When some loud mouth heckles the dame in your group while you're doing your act onstage, you go home with him, and spend the rest of the movie trying to decide whether you love him or Cary Grant. Everyone in this movie is confused and the plot is sloppy/messy, but I thought Hepburn was pretty cute in this gender-bending role (there's even a "lesbian" kiss). Granted, this was probably one of the first films of this kind, but that still doesn't make it very good.

Joel H (it) wrote: I loved this film, the writing and the situation was superb, so much tension comes out of the setting, and the twist endings were a shock!

David M (br) wrote: This is actually my favorite horror film, and I'm not a huge fan of horror films. This is about as close as it gets. It has many different elements to it, but the Predator brings back terrifying memories that are unforgettable.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch