El destino

El destino


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1928
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El destino torrent reviews

Pulkit G (de) wrote: like the act of vinay and other co star... good light film..

Charles P (ca) wrote: watched a fine Canadian production whose lead, Charlie David, was also very much involved with creation of the project. Approaches coming-out-of-the-closet from the unique perspective of a man, married with children, whose family still rallies round him. There's another equally important coming-out story, that of the lead character, that kind of suffers, because the film can't do an excellent job of examining both transformations. Filmed in BC, Mulligans has an excellent Canadian cast, none of whom I knew before now. I was fascinated by the lovely Thea Gill, and spent most of the movie wondering if she was channeling the late Brittany Murphy.

Jeff S (au) wrote: Great turns from Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, but it's Jennifer Lawrence who carries the movie

Da W (br) wrote: Liked the querkyness of the way the film was directed. Be nice if Danny Dyer didn't try so hard to come across as the all hard, all clued up guezzer as he seems to in all his films, He might not come across as been so false then.

Geraldine C (br) wrote: Sara Forestier est une tte claques. En revanche, Sabrina Ouazani, Nanou Benhamou et Aurelie Ganito sont beaucoup plus justes et auraient mrit le Csar !

Shadow L (br) wrote: A very decent documentary of the band The Runaways. Most the women form the band were talked to with the exception of Joan Jett though her presence if felt through the stories told by other band members. The ladies are very upfront about their time in the band and even address the verbal/emotional/sexual abuse by their producer. Definitely worth a watch.

Isadore H (nl) wrote: Solid zombie flick. Millia Jovovich proves to be a great lead for this movie. This movie really is just a popcorn action flick, but a pretty good one.

Alberto A (ca) wrote: Mi pelcula favorita de todos los tiempos.

William P (au) wrote: Very naturalistic. Lots of fragments that seemed to go nowhere and little resolution at the end.

Michele W (kr) wrote: I love this movie and it could easily fit into my top ten slot, but it got edged out because it is just so painful to watch. I am not sure if this film won awards, but it definitely deserves them. The actors portray these tortured souls so well, you feel like you're living it right along with them.

Steve B (de) wrote: Agreed, the actress went for a smaller part due to the melodramatic ending and what a good pairing with Garfield, he's absolutely perfect!

Curtis M (ca) wrote: Pretty funny, unique and creative zombie movie.