El destructor

El destructor


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El destructor torrent reviews

Thomas Y (mx) wrote: Amazing! Whitty, Nerdy Comedy that will not dissapoint fans of Ashens!

Brad A (gb) wrote: Slightly better than one would expect. The worms look great for this type of film even if they are a bit TOO big (I'd rather see them pull people apart rather than swallow them whole, morbid as it sounds). Unfortunetly the focus is more on the soldiers battling the Taliban and the worms are more or less side antagonists. Not ba for what it is, but it could have easily been a lot better.

Rion B (kr) wrote: I must say that this is possibly the best "Pit Bull/dog fighting doc's out there. However there is so much more of the story to be told. It does a decent job of showing who the real monsters are "people"

Peter H (it) wrote: wackoooooo. nooooo !!!! funny worth watching England fc piss take film a must watch

Orlando S (fr) wrote: [size=3][font=Calibri]Abysmal and unworkable script ? a real stinker for anyone familiar with commercial nuclear power industry. [/font][/size][list][*][size=3][font=Calibri]The reactor/facility look more like a maintenance shack combined with office building than a power plant. [/font][/size][*][size=3][font=Calibri]Where?s operations, radiological protection, and security staff??. [/font][/size][*][size=3][font=Calibri]NRC is a regulator- not a savior. Facilities running now have much deeper staff knowledge- .. the guess work and stumbling through next steps (a joke themselves) was absolutely ridiculous - folks running plants are very familiar with normal operations and various contingencies (many design based with graded exams). [/font][/size][*][size=3][font=Calibri]How about realistic primary/secondary containment or backup systems / scenarios already in public domain. [/font][/size][*][size=3][font=Calibri]At least the color of the fuel rods was correct (blue) and yes, it?s important that all fuel (core/spent pool) is kept covered with water that is temperature controlled? almost everything else was technically inaccurate. [/font][/size][/list][size=3][font=Calibri]Ah yes, a real stinker- you will definitely get more entertainment mowing your lawn. The technical advisor on this one (along with any of the promoters/decision makers) should be black listed. [/font][/size]

Jordan H (kr) wrote: Best drama iv ever seen only one to ever make me cry other critics most likely dont understand how painful the circumstances in this movie actually are only thing i didn't like was how they never showed him in court for the final outcome

Guye J (ru) wrote: This 1997 horror movie was pretty scary. I never knew this movie was about a demonic genie granting a person that released him from his prison 3 wishes which the evil genie uses the wisher own wishes against the wisher. Like the old saying "Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it!" I was surprised to see Tony Todd and Robert Englund in this movie. Andrew Divoff did good playing "The Djinn" as the demonic genie. Robert Kurtzman did a great job directing this movie.

TJ B (nl) wrote: Mad Max was a B-movie that came out of Australia as well... people giving the poor reviews need to lighten up a bit - this film was a nice mash up of other stories...and ended up with its own flavor at the end of the day...memorable and a solid B for me - since I appreciate the B-move genre.

Thomas L (au) wrote: What a great premise, and a great change of pace for George A. Romero. He wrote and directed this right after Dawn of the Dead, and even brought his leading man from that film, Ken Foree, over to this one to play Little John. It's also neat to see an unknown Ed Harris tackle this role with gusto. Here he plays King Billy, head of this traveling troupe of motorcycle jousters who have their own little Camalot going until commercial interests intervene and Morgan (Tom Savini, also from Dawn of the Dead) falls prey to it, precipitating the undoing of Camelot as well as Billy's sanity. I really wanted to like this movie more than I did, which always seems to be the case with Romero's stuff. With this one, it's just too darned long. There was no reason for this to be two and a half hours. I can understand a storyteller's attachment to the material, but the last thing you want is for the material to become precious to you. That's a death trap. Otherwise, considering the budget was practically nothing (another Romero leitmotif), this was pretty decent. Definitely unique, that's for sure.

Waleed A (ca) wrote: went from a fun ridiculous movie to a ridiculously bad ridiculously over the top madness. i liked the first one as a fun movie that you don't take seriously. this movie is just.... dumb. (2 viewings)SPOILERSi was gonna give it a one star, but then the guy that he killed at the end of the first movie was still alive, but just his head in a tub of water kept alive by machines, but he could see and talk. cmon. what

Jennifer T (nl) wrote: Confusing plot. Not very well made but everytime I watch it gives me the chills!