El eco del miedo

El eco del miedo

A young woman in the middle of an economical crisis, a little girl who is facing a new environment and a loyal dog that will work as a link between both, will have to spend two nights in an...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:77 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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A young woman in the middle of an economical crisis, a little girl who is facing a new environment and a loyal dog that will work as a link between both, will have to spend two nights in an... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


El eco del miedo torrent reviews

Jonathan G (jp) wrote: I recommend this to all people who are fighting for something.

solidity q (de) wrote: So good and extremely original.

A L (au) wrote: Quite awful - even for unsuspecting children. My child and I both had a headache after watching it. The TV series format works much better.

Pamela W (jp) wrote: I love all of the buddy movies and this one is no exception

Larry P (us) wrote: This would have been a pretty good movie except, as one reviewer said, "dialog is forced" and "reading off cue cards." Several characters put the acCENT on the wrong sylLABle... even Christopher Walken severely mispronounced a word because he accented the last syllable... the word "mainSTREAM", as I recall. It sounded like the director was making them do that for some unfathomable reason.

Nathan B (ca) wrote: A miserable film, hard o engage with and harder to like. At turns both sympathetic and seemingly exploitative of it's subjects. But I think when John Waters dubbed it 'Depression porn' he was perfectly right, so I think it does what it sets out to do and achieves it well enough. Perhaps it was a glossier treatment of similar themes, but I far preferred the approach of Fatih Akin's 'The Edge of Heaven' with it's split narratives that slightly overlapped. This doesn't have the same strength of a narrative arc, but it is unflinching in it's portrayal of a Europe which is mostly overlooked. I'm sitting right on the fence of this New European Extremism in cinema.

Alexander R (mx) wrote: I don't know but I find this one somehow a little bit entertaining, though it still features Charlie, who is really anoying. This film also features Leonardo DiCaprio, Really Funny!

Ben C (mx) wrote: Sort of enjoyable, but I can't believe a kid takes advantage of adults.

Andr D (it) wrote: Una comedia romantica de situaciones que logra ser graciosa, pese a su premisa cliche. Un galan que trabaja como comentarista del clima en la television, hace una apuesta en la que afirma poder comprometerse con tres hermosas mujeres en tres meses. Las mujeres se dan cuenta y la venganza logra ser deliciosa y muy divertida.

Zach L (es) wrote: Another grand vision from Werner Herzog, Fitzcarraldo deals with some of the same themes of Aguirre, This time, the opera fanatic, Fitzcarraldo, played by Klaus Kinski, who also played as Aguirre, wants to buy a 500 acre piece of land to begin a chain of wealth by building his own opera house. The plot is more sophisticated than Aguirre, but Herzog is still more interested in his wonderment of visuals it is as unpredictable as Aguirre, especially when it comes to the moments where they have to pull his ship up a mountain. It is done, not by models,,, but literally pulling an actual ship up the mountain. Herzog states that the audience will be able to tell a model from an actual ship. The whole set became troublesome and is shown in the masterful documentary, Burden of Dreams. Other sequences include the meeting of the natives and how they admire the mad drive of Fitzcarraldo. This is not a perfect film, because the last passages are anti-climactic, completely unlike Apocalypse Now and Aguirre. Those two movies composed an evocative and haunting conclusion. Not so with Fitzcarraldo, but how can you top the sequences with the ship going up the mountain? A lesser film would probably have a better ending, but certainly not the visionary experience from Herzog, so the climax is almost inevitably anticlimactic. Still, Fitzcarraldo is a film like no other and continues to be transcendent. The performance by Kinski is little more likable than Aguirre much in part to the opening passages with his girlfriend. She stands by him and gives him a certain drive to build on his mad vision.

Shimorinkumo H (kr) wrote: Falcon Rising has no other ambition but to be a run-of-the-mills revenge flick, which is fine, but it's lack of energy and tension say other wise.

Harrison W (kr) wrote: The stabbing bit feels a bit corny, but other than that, it 100% holds up. Surprised the twist hasn't been ruined for me all this time.Explanation at the end felt a bit too expository until the VERY end. Loved the soundtrack. Surprisingly accurate explanation of transvestites.

Steve W (jp) wrote: Even though its filmed in Vancouver but pretends to be in Seattle, a nostaglic action flick that feels like one of Van Damme's movies from the 80's. It has crazy extended action set pieces, a rugged cop played by Michael Rooker, and JCVD playing a long haired serial killer and his genetic double. The script doesn't take itself into ludicrous territory by having too many fight scenes, and it has a little bit of depth and lots of unintentional humour. A decent action flick for a quiet night in.

Alex B (br) wrote: Funny but it could of been better !

Arthur M (jp) wrote: Overall, it's a very well made film technically with beautiful design, but the script is superficial and implausible, disregarding the most assiduous fans of the book. Who loved the book will hardly judge the film with more than a "good".Translated by Google Translate.

EpicLadySponge t (es) wrote: Should've just left them the way they are in before the movie came.