El efecto Iguazú

El efecto Iguazú


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Greg S (us) wrote: Two great performances by Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. Entertaining the whole way through and had some good edge of your seat moments!

Kristen P (es) wrote: If you like action/adventure you'll probably appreciate this. I found it overrated for all the hype and the cast.

Beth O (ag) wrote: The only film where I have seen a man swim in his pool and not notice a 20ft croc until he swims into its open mouth.

Orquidea R (ru) wrote: Excellent work Mr. Director :D

Ida K (de) wrote: This was based on a true story. It makes me appreciative to live in the good ole US of A.

David W (fr) wrote: Never heard of Yu-Gi-Oh? Sucks to be that person that tried or bother with this card game. Like this movie!

Krupa P (jp) wrote: such a powerful movie. it made me kinda depressed.


Stuart M (it) wrote: Too weird and inconsistent for its own good.

Hannah H (es) wrote: Love the kids in this one!

Christina A (de) wrote: #tearjerker#heartwarming

Christopher G (ca) wrote: I remember begging my parents for this movie when I was 7, and living in Miami. Now adays, I would laugh at the movie for being so stupid. But it truely is a great movie...classic voice dubbing, horribly developed story line, just all around shitty. I still love it tho...

Peter F (br) wrote: Gus van Sant's low-budget debut lacks the polish of his later films, but it set up the deep themes that would permeate all his later films: sexuality, addiction, racial tension, and the lives of those that live outside societal norms.

Ian B (br) wrote: This is how to do a long movie right. Combining both really interesting/relatable characters with dynamic strengths and flaws and in a very interesting situation in history where you know what's going to happen in history but not know what's going to happen to the characters.This is art.

Timm S (de) wrote: Slow-paced Thriller..If There Ever Can Be Such A Thing?? About Two Jaded Men Discovering What It Takes To Not Let The World Get The Better Of Them & Their Ego. The Two Long Drawn Out Heist Break-In Scenes Involving Caine Are Quite Epic Though..Draw You Right In.

Ranvis F (us) wrote: Not as great as The Magnificent Seven, however, it's still good.

Alyssa N (nl) wrote: This 1964 Japanese film is about an obsessive lesbian relationship that develops between two art students. The initial love between the women is beautiful, as are the women themselves, and the addition of a lover and a husband makes for some intriguing twists that kept me wanting to see what would happen next. However, much of what does happen next makes very little sense, and it made me realize how underdeveloped and illogical most of the characters actually are. This movie is still interesting from a cultural or historical viewpoint, since it's one of the earliest Asian films to deal with homosexuality in such a straightforward manner, but beyond that I can't strongly recommend it.

Adam P (mx) wrote: I took off one star for William Holden's awful acting, one star for Kim Novak's mullet, one star for the underdevelopment of the 'other' man, and half a star because it's just boring and really has very little to hold my interest. A romance between bland stupid rural pretty people? Just not my thing.

Matthew S (gb) wrote: An utterly amazing action packed film. From the very beginning you know the revenge is going to be good! The action scenes are brilliant and this film includes one of the best explosion scenes ever, in my opinion. Apart from the shooting sequence there is also a emotional side to the film and this is illustrated very well through the film. Very impressed!

Golia K (br) wrote: Complicated story with bad ending