El elefante

El elefante


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:8 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:didactic,  

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El elefante torrent reviews

Alex T (ca) wrote: A simple story about how the personal news of one person, can affect the lives and relationships of others close to them. It is well made, well acted, and feels appropriate to many people's lives.

Michael D (ca) wrote: A rock-solid non-Dogme Danish flick with superb performances and a really distinctive editing style. Mads Mikkelson is good but Rolf Lassgrd steals the show as the wealthy industrialist whose motives for aiding charity projects in third-world countries seems suspicious. The story is compelling and although there are a few scenes that could be accused of senimentalism this is overall a thoroughly decent viewing experience.

Robbie N (jp) wrote: High expectations to a over-hyped movie, Real Steel started strongly, but similiar to the robots fighting in this movie, it got bashed up by a bad plot and script.

Robin H (nl) wrote: I don't care what other people say or the bad reviews they have given. I love the series.

Robert D (de) wrote: pretty good movie; I laughed a lot & it has tons of winks about race relations, if you're in touch w/ that. A good sound track, too.

Chris A (ag) wrote: 97 Nil By Mouth, 98 American History X and 99 My Name is Joe. Great acting by the lead roles and support in all three of these dark and painful yet spellbinding films about addiction, pain and poor judgement. A sort of personal trilogy for me.

Mary B (de) wrote: I love Meryl Streep and Shirley McLaine

Dave R (mx) wrote: one of the best films i've seen recently and i came across it by chance while reading a book on film. it's a familiar story of a con being released from prison and trying to go straight but then falling back on what he knows. but hoffman's performance in this is amazing - probably one of all time favorite performances by any actor. he just owns this role. i also liked that the film didn't end with a neatly wrapped up ending - many of the films of the 70s were like that... i miss that sensibility. nowadays endings tend to be too neat for me.

Private U (es) wrote: Shaw Brothers masterpiece!

Luke P (ag) wrote: It has a good cast, excellent score and it's paced quite well. However Alexander isn't as interesting as it should be, mainly because it does a lot of talking rather then showing and at times the violence can get distracting due to how bloody the film is.

Shawn S (kr) wrote: This has a fun, light tone, Chris Evans is a perfect Johnny Storm, the depiction of (most of) the characters is spot on, and (most of) the effects are good.