El emperador de la muerte

El emperador de la muerte


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Nalini S (fr) wrote: i feel like this movie copied kung fu panda a lot! but i will give 1 star bc it made me laugh at some points. but it was gross when akshay got peed on eww

Charles M (gb) wrote: if Kranz is in it, i wanna see it

Jasper Kim W (au) wrote: A funny movie that indicates different vaues of life.

Tatsuhito K (it) wrote: The first time I saw it as a young child, I thought this was a big, loud, thrilling alien invasion film with lots of impressive special effects and terrific action sequences with Tom Cruise in it. But now seeing it as an adult, I realized that this was a horror film about humanity and wars. I found War of the Worlds absolutely terrifying. Not just because the scenes involving aliens are effectively done, but because the implications behind all the destruction and killing, some of which happen between people, reflect our fear and paranoia toward invasion and terrorism. This is a scary and dark film, a cautionary tale disguised as big-budget blockbuster entertainment. It's not one of my favorite Spielberg films in terms of escapism and sheer popcorn entertainment, but it is definitely one of his most mature films. Tense, gripping, visceral, horrifying.

Chris S (gb) wrote: I watched this movie in grade one at school never found it again I would love to see it again

Metehan D (ca) wrote: serinin en guzeli bence.. daha bi eksin olmus gibi :))gerci dorduncusunu izlemedim ama yorumlara bakilirsa en guzeli bu .. ;)

Kevin R (ag) wrote: I'll bring you a necklace made from his teeth Captain Morgan is a notorious pirate that has been appointed by the king to rule over Jamaica as a royal ambassador. Some of Morgan's former men decide to start their own pirate behavior and begin terrorizing the Caribbean. Captain Morgan sends his right hand man to bring down the pirates. If his right hand man cannot bring down the pirates, the Jamaican locals may mutiny and impeach their new ambassador. "Do me a favor and don't make me angry. I'm trying to act like gentleman." Henry King, director of Untamed, The Earth is Mine, Carousel, Deep Waters, Prince of Foxes, Maryland, Jesse James, and Hell Harbor, delivers The Black Swan. The storyline for this picture is interesting and contains a solid blend of romance, pirate action scenes, solid character development, and a marvelous script. The cast delivers breathtaking performances and includes Tyrone Power, Anthony Quinn, and Maureen O'hara. "I am a better man drunk than sober for any kind of work." I came across this movie while in the process of DVR'ing another picture. I was intrigued by the title of this movie as well as the synopsis and decided to give it a shot. I felt the execution by the cast and the delivery of the script was perfect. I adored the interaction between the characters as well as the pirate subplot. This movie is definitely worth your time. "Love, gold, and adventure." Grade: A

Steven S (ca) wrote: PSH is the only (and I mean only) saving grace here - but his performance is awesome, almost as good as Capote. Other than that the script is predictable, full of clich, stereotypes, and boredom. De Niro's character and female friends, in particular, sure drag (no pun intended)

Ryan S (ca) wrote: 4.5/5. Takes everything the first one did and makes it better. The best of the trilogy.

The N (au) wrote: triste saber que fue la ltima de Donald Pleasence.

Edwin H (ag) wrote: My dad wanted to take us in '90 when this movie came out towards the end of the summer and we were like naw. For whatever reason I was able to get it free over pay-per-view in '91 and I laughed hysterically. If you are a cult follower like I am of "What about Bob," then you will be taken into hostage with Quick Change.

Joseph S (br) wrote: One of John Wayne's best Western detective film. Not much of the twist and suspense but the acting is still classic. Wayne portrait as a young man following a thief while being suspected and followed by a local Sheriff. Later they joined up to lasso up all the bad guys and save the day.

eric e (gb) wrote: Kind of sophomoric brain candy but I do love watching a young Kristen Dunst and Eliza Dushku shake it and bake it.

Hannah L (gb) wrote: This movie was such a breath of fresh air. Shailene and Miles did an amazing job becoming their characters. As I lost myself in this romantic ride, and caught myself falling into the world of Amy and Suttor. The only critique would be that, in my opinion, I grew so much on these characters and the ending was a little abrupt, however enjoyable knowing the performance that was given was done perfectly to the state that I wanted to continue the journey with these characters. This is a movie I will consider watching again however at the moment I don't feel the need to press play again. The plot had a couple holes that didn't make sense. However a job well done to James, Shailene, and Miles!

Farah R (fr) wrote: Andy Samberg is a comedic genius and his role in this mockumentary is just one of the many times he'd proved it. Unfortunately though, Popstar is nothing more than cameos and a couple of laughs here and there. Other than that it's just plain boring.