El encuentro

El encuentro


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Keenan S (ru) wrote: The Woman In The Fifth is an interesting psychological thriller and drama about a man whose world struts back and forth between reality and the unknown. The film makes it clear from the beginning that the main character is troubled, but the film keeps things interesting as it explores his troubled life involving seedy characters, his two separate love interests, his battle for custody of his daughter, and his other problems which cause him to deteriorate and drift into the unknown. While it may have familiar twists and ideas, the way The Woman In The Fifth presents them makes them feel fresh again and I was always intrigued to see where it would go. I also especially loved how it went to great lengths to explore the main character and how he handles his series of awful situations. It's a terribly underrated film that is a hell of a lot better than the terrible reception among the users would lead you to believe. It's an intriguing and compelling exploration of a troubled mind.

Regine L (mx) wrote: ' 3/4-(TM)"C+ 3/4 1/2

David M (de) wrote: really good black comedy. Interesting characters and some nice twists.

Michael H (kr) wrote: As a huge comedy fan, I can say this film just didn't keep me interested. Two of these stars namely Matt Dillon and especially Owen Wilson I am not a huge fan of, so it was hard for me to get excited for this flick. I wouldn't say the movie is that bad, but it is a one and done for me.

Leigh S (br) wrote: WWI and Anne...love it!!

Jacob W (us) wrote: One of the greatest movies I've ever seen. This is arguably Affleck, Damon, and Williams best work. [POTENTIAL SPOILERS]The only thing I wish I could've seen from this movie is, at the end, I wish they would have filmed the reunion between Will and Skylar. The relationship they developed and the way they split in the film left me wanting to see that story fulfilled. However, that's probably just nitpicking on my part. This movie is still one of the best movies I have ever seen.

A B (us) wrote: Not what I was expecting. Reviews make it sound as though the ending is utterly shocking and terrifying, some said it's the scariest ending they'd ever seen. I was monumentally underwhelmed when I finally saw it. The plot, acting, and build up of suspense are fine, but not wonderful. It held my attention and the central mystery is actually pretty gripping and smart. The film never really picks up the pace or becomes as intense as it should have. My imagination was racing with thoughts of terror and cruelty along the lines of The Silence of the Lambs (a far superior film in terms of horror and building tension), but instead I was severely let down by the lackluster, disappointingly un-clever final reveal. If you want decent suspense and an admittedly unique story that doesn't fall into any cliches whatsoever, go ahead and watch this movie. If you're looking for horror, thrills, or a final act that packs a punch, look elsewhere.

angel m (it) wrote: I Liked this Years ago and ??? Wounder Now What Was I Thinking ?? This Is The Dumbest Movie To Re-visit Ever ??

Senor C (gb) wrote: Released as La Casa 4, Ghosthouse 2 & Evil Dead 4 this has nothing to do w/ any of the previous installments. I saw it as Witchery & it's an incoherent snoozefest anyway way you watch it. An Italian horror movie w/ Linda Blair & David Hasselhoff is sure to catch my attention & I wasn't expecting it to be great or even good but I wasn't prepared for something that made me just want to slap myself. Sure there's some grisly bits but it just doesn't make up for the bad. There's a vortex that people get sucked into that should have you roaring & there's a night/day continuity goof that's really unforgivable. I guess Ed Wood was right; it must be about the big picture & audiences should have suspension of disbelief just to accept such bullshit. I guess there is some good. Annie Ross is such a bitch in this I was happy to see her get her mouth sewn shut & the Hoff does die..does that garner a higher rating?

Joe S (ru) wrote: Mr. T was good in this he was cocky as Ali the Rocky threw it back at him. Rocky will always be the champ.

Firas M (es) wrote: I thought Loren better stand her ground against a big talented actor such as Mastroianni and she does so with gusto. Loren is the perfect antithesis to Mastroianni as the film is more of an actor driven film and its just amazing seeing these 2 battle it out on the screen competing and sharing their minutes. Classic scenes aplenty.

Aj V (jp) wrote: I liked how they had everyone on skates, it was pretty funny, but the story needs more attention in this one, it doesn't have much of a story, and it would have been funnier with a good story behind it.

Lilianetty l (it) wrote: Not bad, good animation, but the story is not new (time machines, dinosaurs? Old story...). 3 stars of 5. Kids may like it (it's a good way to introduce them dinosaur history...but is not real even, oh well. Adults may like it too). Enjoy. - February 18, 2014.

Spookie M (jp) wrote: Criminally underrated! Probably overshadowed by the howling and American werewolf in London which came out around the same time. This is the only horror film Albert Finney did and also the only film other than Woodstock that mike Wadleigh did. The direction is pretty amazing and it is a shame he never did other films. Also this is not a werewolf,movie it's is a b horror with wolves and social commentary. I can't say enough about it go watch!!