El enemigo

El enemigo

In the corridors of a Caracas hospital, two very dissimilar beings meet by chance one night. Coming from very different worlds, anxiety is the only thing they have in common. One of them is...

In the corridors of a Caracas hospital, two very dissimilar beings meet by chance one night. Coming from very different worlds, anxiety is the only thing they have in common. One of them is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marjon O (jp) wrote: It was like ratatouille acted out in person but with a lot less humor or creativity. Just meh.

Carabo P (au) wrote: Tiene un poco de Verne, de Kipling, de Dickens... Pero aaay, si hubiesen pulido un poco ms el guin. An as, se ha colao entre las finalistas a nominacin al scar.

Dmitri G (ag) wrote: Good drama, great acting and lots of amazing little details. At the same time warrior part of samurai life is limited to the minimum. Quite enjoyable.

Giacco C (de) wrote: Science, philosophy and religion are all explored deeply in this very sophisticated film. It's a little movie, but contains greater meaning and leaves more of an impact than 99% of most billion-dollar blockbusters.

Aaron E (kr) wrote: I could never explain to someone who is unfamiliar with this world on why this was so enjoyable to me, and I don't think that same person would totally understand this movie, because it doesn't explain why the hardcore punk culture was so appealing really, but I personally loved this documentary and I didn't even live it. I just wish I had lived it when I was 17.

Sina S (fr) wrote: masterpiece from Fritz Lang

Galvy F (mx) wrote: When our monsters are not as scary, angry or big as we are. We don't understand why it's hard for others to understand us. Sometimes we don't even understand ourselves. Our emotions, characters, stories, imagination all have hidden meanings towards them. We a greater then others think and see who we are, but we continue to believe. We live this enriched high life, because being who we are, is less powerful. If we could just grasp at this raging emotion we have deep within, take control of them, and altogether just be 1 again with ourselves. While we have this dangerous side deep within, are we really that dangerous in real life. Are what things known to dangerous really dangerous, or misunderstood. What harnesses or suppresses this dangerous side only we know. What makes normal people harder to relate to, but strange creatures much more easier. When we see ourselves not in the image of these creatures but how they act and feel. How we see these creatures so alone in the forest, but together, we see they are nothing like us. When we see these creatures craving for attention, craving for fun and adventure, craving for a family and friends. We run away from our problem, in search for a new place that solves our problem. These deep rage deep within, always wants to come out, so does our emotions. What if we got everything that we always wanted from the people we turned too. Are we truly who we say we are, if there is no one there to say you are. The things that make us who we are, what do we do when they are gone? Are we still that thing any more? A king with no people or crown? A monster with no teeth or danger? We have great expectations that far stretches those have ever seen or known. A kingdom for us to rule, feel big, be on top and be happy. Are we still monsters when we are unable to do monster things. When there is something that makes us less of a monster but a human that we exempt our true feelings and intentions to not disband peace and create chaos. We find it hard to accept those who are different and unlike us, that we wish for them to run away. Staying together is more important to others then some who like meeting new people. When we think we are big and a king, to have no plan, have bad decisions and crave this distrustive nature. When this distrustive nature stems from our past and chaos as we heard, lived with and witness. When disagreeing is what separates us all, that we can't help but need to distance ourselves from one another. When we come face to face with our monster, the vary thing that makes us hide, the vary thing we don't know anything about, the vary thing that makes us dangerous. We realize we have to leave our monsters behind us, be there for the ones who loved us, and wants us together. Our monsters will miss us when we are gone, older, smaryer, wiser, responsible always there waiting for when you return. There will always be a place for all our dark monsters to live and go too whenever we need to go there.