El enviado de la muerte

El enviado de la muerte


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:El enviado de la muerte 1990 full movies, El enviado de la muerte torrents movie

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El enviado de la muerte torrent reviews

Donna J (gb) wrote: I liked it, complicated characters but they learned a lot.

Jake C (jp) wrote: no resolution to almost anything in the story. effects are minimal and there is really nothing to make this a "scary" movie other than being afraid it'll suck from the beginning

Edmund C (mx) wrote: clever and full of laughs :)

Pepe L (es) wrote: Gore: + Violencia: ++ Sustos: + Tensin: + A pesar del aspecto rancio que desprende toda la pelcula, hay alguna sorpresa. Est llena de lagunas que intentan disimular con una historia con pasado truculento, pero no pasa de ah. Bastante pobre en lneas generales, pero no llega del todo a aburrir.

Gabriel C (it) wrote: Corny, over-the-top fun. Most likely to be a guilty pleasure.

John W (gb) wrote: Early 90's Full Moon production which means decent premise, but underdeveloped execution. Few (if any) scares, but somehow, in spite of all their shortcomings, a lot of these have turned into classics. Best bet is to watch with friends and turn it into a drinking game (for example, cliche phrase? drink. scene change and suddenly reloaded gun? drink. you get the idea...)

Carlos M (de) wrote: An unpretentious portrait of a neighborhood dominated by violence, police abuse and even misogyny, and, while it does have some funny moments, it is a serious, realistic look at a slice of American society at constant odds with limited opportunities and public indifference.

Scott B (ca) wrote: Who am I kidding, I should really give this five stars because I laughed extremely hard during this!! Oh wait, it was supposed to be scary??? Ummm....

Kelly K (jp) wrote: It's bizarre and trashy enough to garner a few good laughs.

Seonaid M (es) wrote: it werent scary n da end was sad lol

Jacob E (mx) wrote: The acting is simply laughable all around the board starting with Rob Schneider. the action is mediocre at Best. If you want a good Judge Dredd film check out the 2012 film, Dredd. better than this in every facet of the word.