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El Escondite


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Rodney W (br) wrote: Dumb, and I theorize its outrageous sexism was unintentional (as ironic as that is). Funny, but very dumbly so.

Aisha N (br) wrote: Wasn't as good as the first two. More fake then realist...

Catherine G (it) wrote: Loved it! Totally want to watch it again.

Fergus S (mx) wrote: Farcical heist movie

NikeRunning W (au) wrote: A must see for all those who enjoy a good hood film

Matthew M (us) wrote: first off great cast. I mean so many recognizable faces as well as people behind the camera who did rambo and other great action films. The movie itself is a great spectacle of violence and blood. This could be considered the wild bunch of the 80's especially since the ending shootout was a hommage to the one in Wild Bunch. The Soundtrack sounds just like Rambo done by the same guy as well as the actors have all appeared in plenty of good action movies. Great film I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Miriam P (au) wrote: this is one of my most favorite classic sports movies! Not many people know it, but I love it! It is one of the first movies I watched as a kid and I haven't forgotten it. It sits on my dvd shelf and gets watched more than many of the movies in my collection. it is a classic!

Rano L (mx) wrote: What's on the surface is unattractive; the concept is engaging, maybe ingenious

Zoran S (de) wrote: A thoughtful film especially in its third act. It becomes something more than a standard Western and works as a mediation on the end of the West through its commercialization

Sam W (ca) wrote: A great setting and a cheery film with a farcical theme throughout, and a funny, but illogical plot which has lots of elements thrown in for good measure. Good acting of stereotypical characters, the real hatred between Mr & Mrs seemed out of place amongst the romanticised wild west, with respect ruling the day. Runs out of comedy towards the end, turning into nonsense.

Ryan K (ca) wrote: A cinematic kidney stone