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El filandón


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David K (de) wrote: This movie was pretty good! It cool they made a movie about the indoor roller rink.

Lee R (mx) wrote: Really bad acting but nice story ;)

YeeYin Y (ru) wrote: Reading up on the background of the Baekeland murder and incest scandal would be helpful before embarking on this 1.5 hour journey of the decadent and bored lives of the rich. Some information was altered, presumably for better storyline flow, but I think keeping true to the accounts would have made the tragic tale a little more interesting and absorbing for the audience.

Zheng S (de) wrote: I haven't finished it yet. I like the old China feeling (1980s).

Lester Y (nl) wrote: Cool-headed but vitriolic expose on what exactly happened during the Mount Carmel siege. It's horrific, tragic, and the loss of life and lack of justice is infuriating and this film provides a mountain of evidence, grisly footage, haunting interviews and audio recordings, and some crazy CSPAN video from the congressional hearings surrounding the fiasco. An incredibly thorough dissection into a dark chapter of 1990's American history that we should all look into and learn a lesson or two from.For comic relief, gaffer extraordinaire Joe "Bite Me" Biden is featured.

Ryan O (ag) wrote: have this with the first one sitting at home.

Tomer H (kr) wrote: A bit not fit to present day term, To Sir, With Love nevertheless succeeds at being touching without being too shmaltzy, and boasts what might be Sidney Poitier's finest performance.

Nathaniel V (it) wrote: Like most movies based on books, "To Kill a Mockingbird" simply was not as good as the novel. The movie left many different parts that I personally felt were important out. However, they did capture the characters and and their personalities very well and certainly picked the right actors for the roles. Everything that was in the movie was true to the original story and was definitely set up the way that I had pictured it while reading. I was no doubt impressed with that and though the movie may not have been 100% like the book, I still give it a solid 7.5/10 rating for being an over-all good movie.

Michael G (ag) wrote: A pretty weak example of film noir as it really doesn't have many noir themes to it with the exception of the wrongly accused man. It's more like a 60 year-old episode of CSI with a generally boring cast, minus Elsa Lanchester. More of a forgettable, run of the mill murder mystery than film noir. Although in the plus column it's wonderfully photographed.

Lenny R (ag) wrote: OK, so the villain blows up like a balloon and bursts. This is indeed stupid. But it's one of relatively few truly stupid moments for an early '70s Bond movie, and the bits between those stupid moments are actually pretty unstupid indeed. They've taken Fleming's pretty racist novel ('Raak! Product of its time! Raak!') and made it into a pseudo-blaxploitation movie (a product of ITS time) starring possibly the whitest honky in history, the newly cast Roger Moore. He does OK, or at least seems to after Sean's lacklustre turn in Diamonds, but wouldn't really find his feet until his mid-stint Gilbert phase. Yaphet Kotto, when not suffering a fatal case of gas, is great in the 'dual' role of Mr Big/Kananga, switching between badass blaxploitation caricature and cold, intelligent nemesis with aplomb. The movie is almost overflowing with entertainingly gimmicky henchmen - from Whisper (his gimmick is that he whispers - get it?) to claw-handed Tee-Hee (a compulsive giggler, you see), to the actually really cool Voodoo 'magician' Baron Samedi, brilliantly played by Geoffrey Holder. 'Girls'-wise, we've got Rosie, an inept CIA agent, who is written in a more overtly sexist way than inept MI6 agent Mary in the subsequent entry, but still well played by Gloria Hendry. Then we've got tarot card reader Solitaire (get it?) played by some 22-year-old called Introducing Jane Seymour. She's great too, even if pairing her with already-well-into-his-40s-at-this-point Rodge is a bit creepy. There are some really cool scenes, some good jokes, and the heroin-trafficking storyline is compelling, but the thing that really distinguishes this entry is the amazing bayou speedboat chase. Plus, Wings give us one of the best Bond theme songs ever, which is also arguably the only good song they ever produced.

Matthias v (us) wrote: one of the BEST silents,and a great movie of ALL time !

Jen M (ca) wrote: Good John Candy Classic! Ages 11+

Kandis A (br) wrote: Pretty good movie, cast, and acting. Some scenes were predictable but still entertaining. The short time Queen Latifah was on screen she did a FANTASTIC job!! This movie had a great message also!!!