El fin de la inocencia

El fin de la inocencia

A student, expelled from school for her behaviour, moves into the house of her uncle, a man with sadistic tendencies.

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Grace R (it) wrote: Beautiful, inspirational, heart-warming film.

Mark D (kr) wrote: An amazing movie on social justice..if you don't speak or understand French (Oui..je suis Francophone)pls don;t review..because you just won't "get" it. Full of excitement..comedy.. sorrow..bitter irony..and one greedy man..who definitely get's what;s coming to him ..in the end. Superb acting by Karin Viard...this was shown @ The European Intl film Festival..in Toronto on last day..well done!!

Kathy D (it) wrote: Good movie with a nice twist at the end,

Will C (jp) wrote: Interesting twist on a love story gone wrong. Audrey Tatou is simply breathtaking and highly suggest the movie based on her alone,the story is great,awesome flick.

Jonathan G (it) wrote: Dark Days is a remarkable and engaging documentary about living underground in railway tunnels of New York City. Winner of several awards at Sundance, this film seamlessly breaks down the 4th wall that usually separates the pictures personalities from the audience. Very well done. Also helps to have a great soundtrack provided by DJ Shadow. Worth viewing, maybe owning. One of my Top 10 favourite documentaries.

Kathie H (it) wrote: I loved this movie and still do. It was scary and Daniel Craig was darling in it!

Danny M (ca) wrote: Alright, I don't find it better than the first one but I do find humour here. "You must be the monopoly guy... thanks for the free parking"

Private U (jp) wrote: Ex-Cop. Ex-C.I.A. Ex-PLOSIVE! okay i've never seen this.

Shrinking V (de) wrote: Very, very funny.. Liked it a lot though I hate comedies.

Jeans P (de) wrote: Best seen after consuming 100 proof liquor

Zack B (us) wrote: Loved it! Best soundtrack in a Disney movie! Best songs are Trashin' the Camp, Two Worlds, Strangers Like Me and Son of Man! But You'll Be in My Heart is the best song in the movie.The plot was also solid and the villains were intimidating! Too bad this marked the end of the Disney Renaissance:(

Andy T (de) wrote: Even though it brings out a spectacular, unforgettable, and amazing performance from the one and only Denzel Washington, Training Day's hugely disappointing ending and a complete and implausible change of character ultimately ruined the movie's great premise and potential as a rugged and tense police drama.