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El forastero


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Shantel D (es) wrote: Good, but not great. I felt like they could have fleshed it out more, there wasn't much of a story being told.

Jeff S (us) wrote: Witty dialogue, wonderful performances. It's nice to see two strong characters struggle with their character defects even to the point of examining how being stronger than others can sometimes be an isolating factor.

Barry J (mx) wrote: Seen with its' earlier companion piece, East Is East, this film is both entertaiing and enlightening.

ashley h (fr) wrote: This movie cracks me up every time I watch it.

flowers are pretty and so i am (jp) wrote: This movie is home movie but i loved it

Matthew D (fr) wrote: Funny brief MI: II reference and funny/sexy S&M scene. Saved by Jerry O'Connell's charm.

Acacia J (mx) wrote: never watch this movie it is stupid

Eric G (nl) wrote: A complete editing mess.

Allie M (jp) wrote: This movie was incredibly weird but surprisingly good. It really kept my attention and was really intersting. It really made me wonder about dreams and things like that. One of the few good Lifetime movies.

Jonathan S (ag) wrote: Cowboys and dinosaurs. The end.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: A piece of cinematic art....2 films playing at once, each contrasting the other. B/W shocks fight with bright technicolour boredom.....its seminal, and full of all the beautiful people. A fashion movie for the vacuous to aspire too for sure.

Connor R (jp) wrote: Very Shakespearian in its tragic elements. We see this tale unravel in complete and utter chaos. It's breathtaking.

kenie r (au) wrote: As a figure skater of ten years this movie should be the most offensive thing I've ever seen but in reality I have never laughed harder at a movie than I do every time I watch this one. This is by far Will Ferrell's best movie. Not to mention his opposite in the film Jon Heder who I've never seen before in a movie but feel in love with him in this movie because of how funny he is.

Leong C (ru) wrote: An Aussie flick, deep, but entertaining. A multi layer story line, ending in a mix emo setting...

Donnie B (ag) wrote: It's a fun satire that feels strangely relevant in 2016....