El gatillo de la muerte

El gatillo de la muerte


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:El gatillo de la muerte 1985 full movies, El gatillo de la muerte torrents movie

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El gatillo de la muerte torrent reviews

Ronald S (kr) wrote: Ah, French cinema. In a summer of blockbusters, most turning out to be highly disappointing, it's always good to refresh yourself with a good ole piece of artsy fartsy cinema. This film certainly refreshed me thoroughly. This is a beautiful story about how a simple kiss could change your life forever played wonderfully by every actor involved. The director takes his time telling the story and makes the camera linger on actors for minutes upon minutes capturing wonderful moments most would miss. It's just a whimsical tale that'll make you laugh, cry, and bask in the glory of near flawless filmmaking. If only American rom coms were made this well, where you actually believe the situations in which the lead male and female find themselves falling in love and the comedy that happens because of it. American production houses take note!The French have done it again!

Harley H (it) wrote: One of the best movies i have seen to this day. Up until the last moments of the film i believed this was the real chronolization, of a school shooting. The realistic film was amazing and yet gruesome at the same time, It was definately better than "Elephant" which in Zero Day, you feel a connection with the characters. AMAZING

Dena S (ru) wrote: Very good! I saw this when it came out been a while.

Jose Luis M (it) wrote: Buenas actuaciones , pero muy lenta , me aburri.

Shaun M (de) wrote: Good movie; incredibly sad though.

Byron B (mx) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the golden globes

Pascal V (br) wrote: Pas mal ce Louis Malle !

Rodney E (gb) wrote: As much as Ray Harryhausen's effects make this entertaining, the sound design is pretty good too. You really get what you get with these movies and I enjoy them a lot.

Gabriel L (de) wrote: Probably the kung fu movie that sucks the less. Not.

Leena L (nl) wrote: I have to say I was not amused. I never liked Jim Carrey. No different here. Even if this was based on a real character and all...Already his face annoys me...

Cassie M (au) wrote: I was bored with it after about 30 minutes