El gato con botas

El gato con botas

King Serio must give his daughter Dorita to the evil Ogre. The Lady of Time gives a pair of boots to the shepherd Juanito, who tries them on his cat. This becomes a big and helpful cat that...

King Serio must give his daughter Dorita to the evil Ogre. The Lady of Time gives a pair of boots to the shepherd Juanito, who tries them on his cat. This becomes a big and helpful cat that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen F (mx) wrote: This was a pathetic clich with bad acting and singing, minus the dull storyline.

Ricardo H (ca) wrote: It was not a bad movie, like an updated version of "The Bubble." However, in this case a happy ending would have been much more unexpected than the real ending

Dr F P (gb) wrote: Interesting insight to the illness from people first hand going through it, it really strikes you that these people are very creative. I found perhaps there was too much information, i found the videos these people had recorded themselves in their low points quite odd to watch. It's a little overwhelming to get that personal with people but i admire them for sharing. Overall this is probably a lot more eye opening for people that don't have the illness or have not a lot of knowledge about it and i applaud it for that, it doesn't sensationalize the illness, it shows it as it is, although Bipolar is different for every person that has it you can still relate with these people even if you're so different. I think people should watch this that aren't that acquainted with it, maybe if you know people that have this illness or similar, but as someone who is surrounded by it 24/7 it just felt like reliving half your life.

kaylin s (au) wrote: good movie'''''

Plain C (ru) wrote: Yeah I think religion is prety darn stupid and if you believe in god, god's in his heaven all's right with the world so pedophiles must be what god want right? Your leaders are pedo-ing up kids all day long. Everyone knows it happens and this documentary represent that, talking to pedo cunts and victims. It's a great insight on the religious cowards who hide behind their religion and exploit people/children and think they can get away with it. cuntasaurus rex MAde me angry that people still love the pedo cunt who is the pope. Burn their gold, burn and stick it up the arses which are controdicting their god who is sounding more and more like satan. I'm chatting breeze but yeah this documentary is tight and reminds me why i hate religion. I watched it because know your enemy right? I must learn about these batards to take them down. peace

Alice (jp) wrote: filmu asta i asemanator cu ala..cu Tom Hanks si Meg Ryan...

Crystal E (es) wrote: Old school. We're they to do it these days I think it would be a pretty cool movie, as it was, just okay. Not the best of anything, script, effects, acting etc but a decent watch.

Toni M (jp) wrote: Liian verinen elokuva aikoinaan, mist syyst elokuvan julkaisu kiellettiin monessa maassa. Jos katsot elokuvan, net selkesti kuinka paljon Quentin Tarantino imitoi tt elokuvaa Kill Bill-elokuvillaan. Legendaarinen samurai-elokuva, pakko katsoa.

Deborah C (mx) wrote: Now I get the in-joke of casting Robert Morse on "Mad Men."

Irvin C (us) wrote: I work as a proof-reader of subtitles for DVD's. They're releasing this film on DVD and our office got it as a project. I usually don't review films we get but this film requires special consideration since it's probably one of the most moving, heartbreaking films I have ever seen. It's right up there with "Grave of the Fireflies" and "Bicycle Thieves". The film, about an ups and downs of an immigrant family in 1850's America is well-made and spectacularly acted. I highly recommend it.

Pete B (us) wrote: A quite decent love story filled with love triangles and failed romance gallore. I saw this film a yr ago and was pulled right into the story but havent though on it since then until seeing it again today. I guess most men would avoid such romantic material but if they gave it a chance they'd enjoy it. Its not a action film but it has a violent earth quake and angry marori tribes. For the time the effects are good the earth quake is well filmed with ppl being eaten by giant fisures and builings shakeing apart. The acting is stellar with Lana Turner showing her beauty and star quallity. Nice to see a romance in film that isnt perfect...

Jason S (nl) wrote: Good movie I loved it

nipp s (nl) wrote: More good shows that get cancelled early should have movies that wrap up the loose ends, of course the show probably would have lasted longer if River had just gone Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles on the bad guys while the show was still on TV!?!

Carlos M (fr) wrote: Love according to Malick, and not really a character study but in fact a "director study" that feels like a direct follow-up to The Tree of Life, or a lyrical and extremely revealing self-portrait of a deeply sensitive man who is able to dive into sheer beauty but never into real passion.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Although City of the Living Dead did not amaze me, the general style of the film fascinated me enough to continue the Gates of Hell trilogy with The Beyond , particularly considering that it was received more positively.Though it stays true to the body horror roots of its predecessor, The Beyond falls more into the genre of a haunted house film. The narrative of the film is still a thin one which mostly exists to throw together many uses of clever blood and gore effects, but at least it ties things together better and ensures that there is more consistency in the feature. The Beyond is still a far from great film because it adheres to its limitations and thin narrative, but it shows director Lucio Fulci taking another step in the right direction which is a fairly significant improvement over the preceding film in the trilogy, City of the Living Dead. This time around, the concept feels more claustrophobic because the setting is less ambiguous and more singular as to fit into the haunted house type context of the narrative, and so it makes the plot easier to keep up with. It doesn't have complex characters, brilliant dialogue or even flawless dubbing for that matter. But for what its worth, The Beyond stays true to its roots well enough to stand up as a strong film for its genre. The success in The Beyond is predicated on the role that Lucio Fulci plays as director. While the script of the film is basic, it does contain some mildly interesting concepts which Lucio Fulci is able to find creative ways of exploring. Following the same sort of visual style he put into City of the Living Dead, The Beyond features some traditional Italian cinematography techniques as well as a really intense use of zooms. The interesting elements of the cinematography fall into the fact that the imagery of the film tends to be a lot of intricate little elements which push beyond the boundaries of their size in the way that Sergio Salvati puts such an intense focus on them. The imagery of the film is mostly highlighted during the gory death scenes of the film, but there are times when it goes beyond that and captures a sense of artistic appeal in many artefacts used as props. The editing on this is all gentle as well, so the cinematography in The Beyond is composed mostly of extensive shots of creepy visuals.When I say the visuals are creepy, I mean they are either haunting or sickening in a manner which does not make the viewer want to look away. With The Beyond, Lucio Fulci turns blood and gore into an art form, taking the concept of exploitation from shock factor to artistically shocking. That sounds strange, but it is the truth. With the importance in The Beyond resting on predominantly the death scenes in the film, Lucio Fulci puts all his passion about filmmaking into them more than anything else. Stepping things up from City of the Living Dead, The Beyond features a superior quantity of kills in them which are all done in darkly creative ways. With all kinds of dismemberments in the film, The Beyond is not a film which is easy to stomach. But if you can appreciate the merciless exploitation nature of the blood and gore then The Beyond is certainly a film for you. I tend to find that horror films that rely on blood and gore instead of an intense atmosphere are shallow, but The Beyond is a somewhat strong balance of the two which largely compensates for the lacklustre nature of the plot. Of course, the best part really is the death scenes. Notorious for them, The Beyond makes a creative use out of various forms of death which are shocking to behold, ranging from having one's eye torn out by a nail or face dismembered by spiders. With a slow burning atmosphere filled with horror, the death scenes in The Beyond jump out at the viewer with eye popping imagery, literally. This is built mainly upon the incredibly detailed makeup effects of the film which capture a detailed sense of blood and gore. It is so gleefully sickening to watch because of how realistic is seems at times, while at others it is both creepy and hilarious with a sense of deadpan humour that has come with the age of the film. For exploitation cinema fans, The Beyond is easily a treat on the eyes, and it doesn't get too caught up in its plot to forget that this is where the importance lies.The atmosphere in The Beyond is powerful. Instead of succeeding strictly as an exercise in blood and gore, The Beyond is a very atmospheric feature. Making use of its simple setting but finding clever ways to expand on it, there is a sense of claustrophobia that comes with the film. The fearful nature of impending deaths is what brings the tension to the film, and this combines with the shock factor of the blood and gore to exact its full effect down on the viewer. The Beyond not only looks scary, but it genuinely feels that way too. The musical score of the film is a key factor in this because it captures the eerie sense of horror as the film progresses to its more climactic moments and then emphasizes them with pieces heavy on bass energy. The music in The Beyond is not just intense, but it is also nostalgic because it is music iconic of the low budget Italian horror film genre which I continuously find myself fascinated by. So The Beyond is a large step up from City of the Living Dead from director Lucio Fulci. With a loose but improved narrative, and increase in blood and gore and a continued sense of atmosphere, it proves to be an effectively intense horror film and a clever exercise in exploitation which is appropriately excessive.