El gran reto - Lola la Trailera 3

El gran reto - Lola la Trailera 3


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El gran reto - Lola la Trailera 3 torrent reviews

Ziyi P (ca) wrote: story line is a bit tedious to follow, fight scenes seem a bit repetitive at times but the love story at the heart of it is cute.

David Ray G (jp) wrote: Absolutely stellar. I loved it with all my heart. I love Broadway, I love musicals and theatre and soundtracks and dancing and singing and auditions and it has every one of those things! It was funny, heart-felt, sweet, informative, touching and real. I loved the people in it and I think the directors managed to find a wonderful story and present it just as wonderfully. Not many things to say about this movie, really. For me, it was perfect.

E H (ru) wrote: an Uma Thurman sexy comedy, great idea! especially in a campy comicbook world, but too bad it spends screen time on Luke Wilson

Beth W (ru) wrote: This movie had a few randomly funny moments but overall it's kinda scary and disturbing. You can't always tell what is real and what is in Fred's head...making him at best eccentric and imaginative and at worst Schizophrenic and alone. These are the kids that shoot up schools I'm thinking.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: A well done film that is a film everyone must see, An amazing story fantastic cast that keeps us gripped from start to finish and very unpredictable.

Emre T (fr) wrote: THE BEST MOV?E ?N THE WORLD

Tara M (de) wrote: I thought this was a cute little movie, I enjoyed it.

Arin S (mx) wrote: Probably my favorite Argento film next to Suspiria.

bob w (ag) wrote: one of those really campy tv movies that still manages to wrangle a pretty good story. it's kind of like a days of our lives episode about a woman who has a brother with a quirky skips-a-generation affliction. considering the era and the actors it is not that terrible. seeing the critter is kept on the back burner until the last 25% of the film. of course when you do see it, you probably wonder why bother showing it at all. yet, there's no doubt that it is bradford dillman albiet, in halloween-style makeup. jansen and rush make a good, soapy couple.

Facebook U (br) wrote: Fun filled, jazzy, easter film that never stops entertaining. Judy Garland and Fred Astaire are a hilarious duo.

Lus S (fr) wrote: Simply there's nothing special here. Watchable, just that.

Justin A (nl) wrote: Don't really have much to say about this one. It's a classic Vincent Price/Roger Corman movie that takes on Edgar Allen Poe. There were tons of these movies and they're mostly pretty good (even if they have little to do with the stories they're titled after). Like all those other movies, there are great set pieces with stone abbeys, castles, and tombs covered in cobwebs and shadows. These movies always have a great atmosphere and mood. And, as usual, Vincent Price is great in the lead role. This movie gets a bit slow about midway through when he marries his new wife, but the finale picks up at the end. My biggest concern with the movie was the lack of understanding of the new wife's motivation. Was she trying to drive him mad? Was it all an innocent mistake? Maybe I missed something (I'm sure I did as I watched this early in the day and was sort of in the middle of things while watching it). Still, great movie that's worth checking out if you love these old Price movies.

Francisco L (de) wrote: Veronica Mars is an well constructed story that will please the fans of the original series, and others spectators which like mysteries filled with clever metaphors.