El grito

El grito

Estela Duarte is divorcing her cheating husband, has moved her two children in with her mom, and has taken the only writing job she can find - as a reporter for the tabloid, El Grito. She covers a series of grisly murders and mutilations of well-dressed women, each of whom turns out to be a mistress of rich men, including her father-in-law. She sees patterns and shares them with Ibarra, the cop in charge of the investigations. Her editor gives her professional support, her friend Laura gives her emotional support, and her mother helps her guess when the next murder will occur. But will all this be enough to protect Estela and Laura from danger?

Estela Duarte is divorcing her cheating husband, has moved her two children in with her mom, and has taken the only writing job she can find - as a reporter for the tabloid, El Grito. She ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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