El guardespaldas

El guardespaldas


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El guardespaldas torrent reviews

Uli W (de) wrote: Handlung: Ja, viel.Spannung: Ja, vielDialoge: Ja, viel.CGI: Ja, viel. Irgendwie.Gute Kamera: Ja, aber nur bei den Bikiniaufnahmen.

Clara T (ru) wrote: i loved to see Kinshasa of 1974... + good music... ^^

Alehee N (fr) wrote: Boring af. Good animation tho

Emre T (de) wrote: The compositions are masterful, especially the snow-covered scenes in Istanbul and, most memorably, the spectacle of an overturned ship in the wintry harbor.

Michael S (ru) wrote: Over-produced, garish sequel that pales next to the first "Santa Clause." The plastic/cloned Santa is just creepy.

Matt J (de) wrote: Much better than I was anticipating. I love the 60s cheese factor.

Noma Q (au) wrote: A good movie perhaps with too many characters. It was not enough thrilling in my opinion. And I felt like sometimes there was no point made. But good nonetheless (not bad anyways).

Anna C (ag) wrote: The only good thing about this movie is to watch Kellan Lutz and dream....

Samuel H (br) wrote: Stupid, idiotic, terribly acted, all together worthless, and yet I love it. Why? Because I loved it as a kid and even in all of its stupidity I still find Mr. Bean funny. Also, it doesn't hurt that Natalie Imbruglia is gorgeous.

Dixie G (us) wrote: I enjoyed the movie! Jenny is gay, but her family doesn't know. She has lived with her partner for 5 years, her family thinks they are just roommates. She finally decides she wants to marry and start a family. When she tells her family, she meets with a lot of resistance. Her parents refuse to accept her as she is; there are neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc who agree the parents should turn their backs on their daughter. This is very realistic, have seen this in my personal life as well as many others. Sometimes family members come around, many times they don't. I won't spoil the movie by telling you how this one ends. The music is also very good!