El guerrero sin nombre

El guerrero sin nombre


In a hostile medieval world dominated by the Great Master Agragon, a fortune soldier, the Nameless Warrior, tries to change his life and start again after many years of violence and disputes. When, discouraged and disarmed by Agragon's betrayal, gets the assignment to custody some smugglers to the remote Great Prairi, he can't yet imagine he is about to decide his destiny and of the whole world who waits anxious the arrival of great change. Dark monks, hidden spots and a gallery of unforgettable characters in an epic of impressive dimensions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cristbal S (ru) wrote: Not the greatest movie ever, but it made me feel really uneasy, so props to that.

Lee M (us) wrote: An interesting and important yet little known social issue is brought to the screen but the drama that fleshes out the hardships encountered by our protagonists fails to delivery on its potential.

Nick U (ru) wrote: 9/18/15 NetflixAnother winner from the Academy Award Winning Director who brought us Separation. Seems the Iranian film industry is alive and well. This movie has a good story plot, interesting twists and turns, an intriguing mystery and an ending that will leave you satisfied or maybe not. The real story is how a situation that is totally unexpected can cause people to relate to each other in surprising ways. Very entertaining and thought provoking. Already looking forward to his next film.

Gerard H (us) wrote: Very heavy, pessimistic and sometimes surrealistic movie about the last days before the perestroyka.

Joo Pedro G (fr) wrote: Brilhante. S digo isso!

Jennifer M (us) wrote: This is a cute move that teaches that even adults can get thru things as well as kids.

Samuel H (jp) wrote: First off I need to say, the music is wonderful. It won a grammy and is clearly deserving of the award. Zach Braff and Natalie Portman have so much chemistry, its amazing. The movie is ridiculously quirky, and so clearly made by Zach Braff. The movie is a messy assortment of scenes and yet, it holds it's own because of that. Zach just focuses on charm. That's all that the movie needs. It's not about telling the greatest story, but rather telling a story, with wonderful moments throughout that have meaning for some reason. And to be honest that's what life is like. For a first-time director Zach Braff proved that he knows how to make a wonderful film. See it!

Josas G (de) wrote: La recordaba mejor de mi infancia ahora que la vuelvo a ver veo la basura que es, Ninjas con resortera y efectos sonoros de orquesta en cada golpe escenas y dilogos absurdos? vaya por dios que lo tiene todo para ser un bodrio de pelcula.

minence G (nl) wrote: Inner space film ili cak "Il tait une fois...la vie" ka igrani film. Dobar 60s sf-ich, iz odlicanog designa C.M.D.F-a u psihodelicni unutrasnji svemir. I like. Elevate zero module.

Chayc (kr) wrote: Odd, depressing, and full of plot contrivances.