El hombre

El hombre

Roving gunslinger visits his estranged wife at her father's farm.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El hombre torrent reviews

Jonathan S (jp) wrote: Seems like a film school movie. I don't know I really wanted to like this movie, I did, but I couldn't take it. Some of the cast is really good, others bad. The screenplay is blah, the editing sucks, the pacing sucks, there's no soundtrack (or hardly)... the cinematography sucks (or maybe it was the fact that I saw it in LA at a theater with a crappy projector showing it from a blueray. It seemed very incomplete. And every witty line was shown in the trailer. Whatever, it suckered me into seeing it. I really wish I had the balls to ask theaters for refunds.

Michael T (ag) wrote: Engaging comedy-drama with a charismatic performance by Savane.

BRUNO V (mx) wrote: Some Art , some Boobies A soon-forget it story

Ryan R (jp) wrote: The truest representation of this generation's glorious anti-hero.

Nicolas E (es) wrote: a lovely movie, a friendship between a boy and cheetah in africa

The Critic (de) wrote: The sometimes cute/sometimes annoying Hilary Duff is centre stage as the title character in this paint-by-numbers flick that doesn't offer anything sophisticated for adults, but pre-teens should approve.

Stephanie A (br) wrote: Fabulous movie. Amazing acting!!!!

Trent G (au) wrote: I remember this one being meh for me back then, so it must still be the same.

Andreas O (jp) wrote: Enjoyable whodunit movie with an astonishingly star-studded cast. Peter Ustinov may not be my favorite incarnation of Poirot, but he plays the part in a jovial and relaxed way that sets him apart from other actors portraying the belgian detective. Also noteworthy is, of course, Angela Lansbury who does a manificent job in her role.

Devon W (br) wrote: Not as strong as some of the other entries that came out during the period...

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: Richard Brooks mesmeriising adaptation of Sinclair Lewis's book (--- what's killing Christianity is not unbelievers on the outside but rather the phony piety of those professing belief---) is chock full of noteworthy performances and riveting scenes as a silky smooth talking con man joins a Christian tent revivalist across America's Bible Belt. The film actually begins with a printed warning to keep youngsters away ... nuff said.

Valerie B (ca) wrote: One of my favorite Jane Powel movies. Debbie Reynolds is marvelous too. A very silly, light plot concerning the grave importance of corsets, with wonderful music and lots of laughs.

Eric R (es) wrote: another great thriller

Acinom N (ag) wrote: Better then I thought.

Daniel E (jp) wrote: Unsettling chilling film featuring a brilliant performance from Richard Attenborough as the creepy psychopath.

Ken T (mx) wrote: It would be great if all the fairy tales were turned into something like Snow White Tale of Terror