El hombre de acero

El hombre de acero


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1985
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El hombre de acero torrent reviews

James C (ru) wrote: It's the cast that carries this cut-and-paste film. I wanted to like it more, yet ended up liking the actors more and wanting better for them.

Markus I (kr) wrote: Musiikkidokumenttien parhaimmistoa.

Andrew R (de) wrote: Nothing much to say beyond the obvious.

Barry T (ru) wrote: Absolute junk...it even has a camp Roger Moore in it !!...turned it off after 40 mins,i couldnt take any more....AVOID !!

Wes S (ca) wrote: It's a bit on the cheesy side- but sometimes cheesy is scarier. The story sounds like a kid's flick, but the gore is enough to turn most away. The effects are laughable- yet creepy. And it produces a few good scares- though the plot holes and predictability make the film drag on itself.

Melvin W (es) wrote: Milo: You love her? I own her!"A cop who'd rather be an artist. A mobster who'd rather be a comic. And a woman who'd rather be anywhere but between them."A lot of great people were at work in Mad Dog and Glory. Robert De Niro, Bill Murray and Uma Thurman make up the all-star cast. John McNaughton, who directed Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer directed it and Martin Scorsese produced it. With all that talent I expected a much more lively and much funnier film. What I got was an enormous disappointment. There wasn't much I liked about it. I was even taken aback by the performances from De Niro and Murray. They aren't bad, but they don't seem as good as we know they are.A cop saves a mobster's life in a holdup. In order to pay the cop back for saving his life, the mobster gives him a girl that he owns. The girl and the cop fall in love and now they have to decide how to stay together and not have Milo go crazy and kill one or both of them. That plot just isn't all that interesting to me and it is even less interesting on screen then it is on paper.Mad Dog and Glory ended up being bland, and that is not something you expect when watching a Bill Murray or De Niro film. When I think about it McNaughton directed Henry... in sort of the same fashion. He made everything as dull as possible. In that movie it made sense though. This is supposed to be a comedy and should have been approached much differently. This pretty much shows why he faded away as a director and never really made anything as good or better than Henry.

adam k (fr) wrote: Referred to as the part that James Woods was born to play, An impressive dark and gritty thriller with Woods living up to the above reference.

Leslea H (ca) wrote: This movie was so sentimental and wonderful. Anyone who's ever had a special long distance friend will see him/herself in it. Made me want to own a bookstore again.

Alonso A (au) wrote: A tragic romance greatly produced.

Shane D (kr) wrote: The first 10-15 minutes are actually very reminiscent of the original. It looks and feels eerie and you do get a genuine sense of foreboding and dread. But then we descend into a very strange film where there is actually very little of the demon we know and love, for that matter any kind of traditional possession. Instead, we get a sweaty Richard Burton stumbling across the globe and a nonsensical final sequence. A shame really.