El hombre de la máscara de hierro

El hombre de la máscara de hierro


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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El hombre de la máscara de hierro torrent reviews

Harry W (ru) wrote: Though not the most particularly fond of fairy tales, with Bryan Singer directing Jack the Giant Slayer I felt like there was promise of a good visual spectacle.Capitalising on the recent trend of recycling fairy tale stories and spending huge amounts of money on them, Jack the Giant Slayer has little room for surprises. The story of Jack and the Beanstalk is one which has been told countless times, be it through TV specials or the librarian at primary school. Either way, the story is one which is all too familiar to everybody in the Western universe and so the script would require serious innovation if it is to transcend the standard set by all the films around it. Here, the screenplay is so slack and the story is so conventional that I wonder if the writers were honestly trying.Jack the Giant Slayer was intended to be a huge blockbuster, but it has gone down in history as one cinema's biggest box office bombs. It hasn't destroyed any major careers which is reassuring, but it hasn't boosted the credibility of many people. The story follows the most generic roots available, and the script isn't funny. You'd think that considering the budget for Jack the Giant Slayer is estimated at a whopping $200 million, there would be enough money to buy a good script. Unfortunately, a team of three writers couldn't come up with one. I cannot honestly find where the writing lies in Jack the Giant Slayer because all I see is a lot of visual effects and the same basic story I was told as a child, yet bereft of much in the way of entertainment value. The only successful humour in the film comes from the efforts of the cast, and that's partly because seeing such respectable actors so thoroughly dedicated to such juvenile humour is unconventionally hilarious at times, but it still lacks any sense of originality whatsoever. Alas, that was my genuine expectation and so I shouldn't be too disappointed. But I am.The only major difference to this fairy tale is the same one added to essentially every other contemporary fairy tale blockbuster films in that there is a big battle that goes on at the end of the film. After a story full of conventions, this comes as no surprise and is to be expected with hopes that it will save the film. The storytelling in Jack the Giant Slayer is so poor that it is unable to, but it does save the film from being a wasteful experience. The climax of Jack the Giant Slayer is entertaining because of the detailed way it deal with the war between man and giant. The scale of the battle is appropriately sized, combining themes of war with elements of disaster to convey the scale of the spectacle in how it affects the larger crowd as well as the main characters. This is where the film stops pretending that it has a story and puts its visual effects into maximum overdrive, achieving the most entertainment value in the film.. Yet as impressive as the visual effects are, the film is so heavy on its CGI overkill that it cannot help but feel like an animated movie at times. Much of the interactions that the live action cast have with the visual effects backgrounds do not come off as being that convincing because the effects are laid on so thick. There are even a few moments such as when Ewan McGregor jumps from the giants' realm to the collapsing beanstalk or when the giants hurl a bell and flaming trees into the castle that the visual effects are so rough to the point that they lose their big-budget feeling. The occasional moments of poor visual effects take their toll on the film as a whole because it decreases the credibility of the entire experience, which is problematic as the experience is practically all visual. Also, the extensive scene where the beanstalk first pops up is plagued by poor lighting. This is supposed to be for dramatic effect, but there is not a more dull moment in the film. So even though the detailed visual effects of Jack the Giant Slayer are mostly impressive, the feature cannot escape the mediocrity of its overblown spending.However, even in a film bereft of characters the cast still manage to find something to do.Nicholas Hoult is not given that much of a character in Jack the Giant Slayer, and this is a problem because it is his responsibility to carry a big budget film as the protagonist of it all. The issue lies in the fact that Jack is too much of an everyman. He has no gimmicks as he is not a stereotypical action hero or a source of comic relief with both those responsibilities being handed to Ewan McGregor. Still, Nicholas Hoult does what he can with the role and puts in his own charm which carries the part some of the distance. He is condemned to portraying an everyman, but he does that easily because he manages to convey a sense of reluctant determination and restrained emotion in the role which means he is involved enough without overdoing it or emphasizing just how thin the script is. His physical involvement is perhaps most impressive because he is always in the appropriate physical state of mind with every inch of his body, and he involves himself with the intense scenes with a sense of human fear about him. Nicholas Hoult makes his character seem real in Jack the Giant Slayer, so he justifies his presence well enough.But it is Ewan McGregor steals the screen. Ewan McGregor has always been an actor that I've admired, but Jack the Giant Slayer is the first time I've seen him in a massive budget film with a lighthearted mood where he appears to be having some sense of fun. He captures a sense of energetic appeal in the role, and the fact that Elmont is a standard cheesy adventure hero is seen as an opportunity by the man. Ewan McGregor brings the best source of comic relief to Jack the Giant Slayer, and when he is called upon to be serious in leading an army against the giants he steps up to the challenge very easily. He breathes dramatic life into the more intense scenes of the film while throwing himself into a state of determined physical involvement Ewan McGregor is able to deviate between the humourous nature of his character and the serious role he plays in the story impeccably, and his wonderful charm stands out so well amid a collection of generic characters. Ewan McGregor is really one of the best things about Jack the Giant Slayer, and like when he appeared in the Star Wars prequels he once again proves his strength at transcending a lacklustre script.Eleanor Tomlinson doesn't have much to boast about. Like Nicholas Hoult, her character has little in the way of gimmicks and is very heavily an archetype. But the difference is that the damsel in distress archetype is one which is significantly more dull from the base up, and with all the slack writing in Jack the Giant Slayer there is little room for creativity. Eleanor Tomlinson plays her part with dramatic charisma, but the problem lies in the fact that it is just not an interesting part. Eleanor Tomlinson is unable to transcend the limitations of Jack the Giant Slayer.The voice work of Billy Nighy is certainly good though, and Stanley Tucci makes a naturally powerful antagonist as always.So the impressive visual effects and performance of Ewan McGregor make for strong gimmicks, but the lifeless script and generic story in Jack the Giant Slayer are all too obvious.

JC E (ca) wrote: A little overbearing, though not entirely unwatchable. Good, but not great performances, and a redeeming ending.

Don S (jp) wrote: Tom Hanks is a favorite of mine, and as always, he is spectacular here. The low-key portrayal of a mob hitman who must seek revenge on a "family" member for killing his wife and son is somber and somewhat frightening. Great cast. Very good movie.

Bharat T (kr) wrote: She is on my desktop, Penelope is a beauty movie is no no.

Bill M (kr) wrote: One of only two movies starring John Wayne that I actually like. The other is "The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance." Needless to say, unlike a lot of people my age, I don't think much of the man's acting ability. But, that is what makes the world go 'round, differences of opinion. Right?

Grant H (fr) wrote: Bad movie. It's very unoriginal, its pacing is pretty slow and uneven, its action scenes are inadequately done, and the performances are pretty cardboard, especially Cage.

Leon B (mx) wrote: Review:this movie gives an deep insight into the preparation that body builders have to go through before competition. It really does show that you have to completely devote your whole life to the sport to come any in competition. As in Pumping Iron, there is still a bitter rivalry between the contenders and there is a big gap between 2nd and 1st place. The movie was put together well by the director and the different body builders really did show what they put there bodies through. It was good to see Arnie & Lou Ferigno, who were always going up against each other, but Arnie always came out on top. Anyway, this movie is a great watch if your interested in body building and and the dedication of the athletes. Enjoyable!Round-Up:It always amazed me how much these body builders push there bodies to the extreme and with all the supplements and detailed diet, it really isn't for every person. When these body builders are in competition, they really don't have time for everyday life, so you can just imagine how it must feel when you don't win. I did feel sorry for some of the contend ants because they really was relying on a win to further there careers. It also hurts when a cocky competitor wins, especially when they have won 8 times before, and they really don't have any compassion for the other athletes.i did enjoy Pumping Iron and I think that this was a well out together sequel.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $1millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there body building documentaries about a group of athletes preparing for Mr. Olympia. 6/10

Shawn S (gb) wrote: The slow buildup of tension as the paranormal activity increases in intensity is excellent. Katie Featherston is pretty good too.