El hombre que corría tras el viento

El hombre que corría tras el viento


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El hombre que corría tras el viento torrent reviews

Mohammed Ammar A (ca) wrote: addicted by his works, this is fourth movie for me, So far, all his stuffs are really inspiring

Brick B (us) wrote: One of the better zombie movies of the past decade...

Miley P (ag) wrote: This film has many, many, MANY flaws with it's biggest problems being it's dreadful start, it's woeful conclusion and those annoying blond bimbo's. All the victims were unlikable, stupid and badly acted, however credit where credit is due some of the cannibals played their roles very well (Lin Share in particular). That does not contemplate for the fact that this was painful to watch and the only enjoyment i got out of it was watching the useless, badly acted characters meet their maker.

Adam D (es) wrote: LBJ comes across as weak and pathetic in this movie; he is always blaming the Kennedys for his predicament.

Tricky B (fr) wrote: Love, loss, pain and anger but yet luv it all, so much emotion proly coz of da lost luv, but such an awsome friken film & series

Darrin C (kr) wrote: I personally know a lot of the people in this film including the director, but still think it was a boring experiment that was overly simple and went nowhere. I'm glad Link has evolved!

Kevin C (fr) wrote: Christmas movie with Gertie.The worst of the franchise by a mile. Some of the hammiest acting I've ever seen. Gertie loved it!