El huerto del Francés

El huerto del Francés


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El huerto del Francés torrent reviews

Michelle R (nl) wrote: A compelling documentary movie and almost unbelievable that it took one man so many years to try to get the SEC to investigate the biggest financial fraud in our times. In the end, only one man went to jail. So many more should have. The financial industry in so many countries should be more regulated. But then, as is seen, even then when a regulatory body is manned by a bunch of fools, it doesn't matter.

Jay M (au) wrote: See if y-o-u can dig this; fate delivers a message in a bottle that got thrown into the Atlantic Ocean; the message is about a man & his wife; it is no less delivered to the sick dying wife; separated from her husband & living with her parents. She writes on the message & throws it back in the ocean right before her husband arrives to take her home to die. Later a divorced single mother that works for the Chicago Tribune finds the bottle while on vacation by the shore; fascinated by the words on the message: she uses her contacts as a journalist to find the man that, wrote the message.The movie: is about, love, lose, & depression, & love, after love; guy's call this a total girly movie. For me shortly after the beginning of this film I could predict every scene that would come next. Never the less it was not unbearable to watch it & this will be a decent movie for a couple to enjoy, or a fan of love stories.

George O (es) wrote: almost 20 years on now and it's still one of Sandler's better movies! Some of the usual childish tropes of Sandler's later humour starts to come through with elements of this film, which is about the only thing that lets this otherwise great hockey player turned golfer comedy down. With a great supporting role from Christopher McDonald too, they'll be something that tickles everyone's funny bone at some point.

James H (br) wrote: 55/100.David Seltzer's direction doesn't guide the film along as it should. It jumps from comedy, to satire, heavy drama, romance and back again. Sally Fields and Tom Hanks try, but the material they are working with just doesn't know what it wants to be. The romantic angle is completely out of place, and overall the bitterness of the film is a turn off. Even the stand up comedy scenes shown in the film that are supposed to be good, simply aren't. The ending is not satisfying at all. It is a shame the stars didn't get better material, it could have worked so well in different hands.

Pete S (nl) wrote: I think it's actually one of the better romantic comedies of the 80s and a very interesting evaluation of the yuppie lifestyle.

Ain K (au) wrote: There is truth, betrayal, pity and down right heart wrenching.

Paul C (us) wrote: Bizarre but fun collaboration between two legendary studios - Hammer and Shaw. Van Helsing vs Kung Fu Vampires. Just as goofy as it sounds. Far from the best output of either studio, it is still worth a look by fans.

Matthew H (fr) wrote: Its a light-hearted, mild piece of cinema that still has an important story to tell despite its innocence and "dainty musical' feel to it.

Adam A (ru) wrote: "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is a funny and honest story with a great cast and beautiful cinematography.

Matt B (fr) wrote: Liked the newer one better.

Felix E (nl) wrote: i will see ttis move to night

Trinity (ca) wrote: Pro: Bradley Cooper, interesting storyCon: didn't love Brad's anger, drinking/destructive behavior