El inmortal

El inmortal

A family is torn apart by the conflict in Nicaragua, leaving brother fighting brother and illustrating religious manipulation, male chauvinism and poverty as part of the destructive legacy of war.

A family is torn apart by the conflict in Nicaragua, leaving brother fighting brother and illustrating religious manipulation, male chauvinism and poverty as part of the destructive legacy of war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yasmin E (fr) wrote: Amazing ???????????

Spencer H (jp) wrote: "Her mom won't even let her have internet in the phone"Hilarious.

Bruno L (mx) wrote: Guan Yun por Donnie Yen, podia ser melhor, mas ficou bacana! Guan Yun PQP!

Marc L (es) wrote: Terre promise quelque peu mconnue du cinma de genre, la Norvge livre priodiquement son lot de zombie-flick, films de possessions et autres Thrillers prise-de-chou. Un des plus intressants spcimens de ces dernires annes se nommait "Next door", un film dans lequel un fou psychopathe tait persuad que les fous psychopathes, c'tait tous les autres. Voil qui rsumait bien les obsessions du ralisateur Pal Sletaune qui, avec ce "Babycall", nous ressert le mme cocktail en ayant tout de mme pris soin de remplacer le verre. Le concept tant foutrement efficace, on passera l'ponge sur l'absence de volont de renouvellement chez le bonhomme. En outre, on se passionne rapidement pour cette histoire de mre flippe, clotre avec son fils dans un appartement anonyme pour chapper un mari violent, et qui commence entendre de drles de trucs via le babyphone. Voil certes nouveau un Thriller psychologique propos d'un personnage isol et paranoaque, mais qui renferme tout de mme une nette dimension fantastique Et c'est l que le bt blesse. Non que le mlange soit contre-nature ; au contraire, il est le plus souvent souhaitable. Mais quand on se pique de confronter les drives du cerveau humain au paranormal, il n'existe que deux solutions : o expliquer ce qui est peru comme surnaturel par une folie "mdicalement explicable" ou a contrario, expliquer ce qui est peru comme une pathologie mentale par l'existence de phnomnes surnaturels. Evidemment, on peut parfaitement s'autoriser l'ambigut sur la question...mais un tel choix doit tre guid par une volont affirme de laisser planer le doute et pas par une succession de maladresses et d'imprcisions scnaristiques. Si "Babycall" arrivera peut-tre fare flipper les parents accros au babyphone, la relative confusion qui caractrise sa seconde moiti laissera les fantasticophiles sur leur faim, malgr une ide de dpart accrocheuse et une actrice - Noomi Rapace - une fois de plus irrprochable.

Hari P (nl) wrote: I liked it a lot. I remember reading this short story long time ago, either in Vipula (Telugu) or some other weekly magazine. Screenplay is so free flowing. Bommana Irani is fantastic. Music is very appropriate. I may ask Mr.Shyam Benagal to make a movie for me in Telugu. But I wonder how to market it :-(

Jason N (de) wrote: What has slowly developed a cult following, Dredd delivers on its bleak action packed depiction of the future. Though not the most original premise, this movie uses creative camera work and top notch effects. Recommend to those who are fans of late 80's action sci-fi.

Rorshach S (gb) wrote: Amanda Bynes's charisma drives Sydney White forward through its cliches and stereotypes.

Ashlee M (kr) wrote: I love this movie a lot I want to see it v.v

soul r (ru) wrote: story if cliche, but MC battle is convincing and entertaining

Charlie C (it) wrote: Steve. What happened? This is a terrible film!! Bad!! All of it is broken!! Name something. 'Action', you say. Broken. 'Fights'. Broken. 'Script'. 'Dialogue'. 'Quips'. They're all broken too. Dennis Hopper's 'Irish' accent. Broken beyond repair!! Don't even watch this for a laugh. It doesn't even satisfy the so-good-it's-bad thing. Ticker is shit

Alan W (jp) wrote: This is a great movie

Robert T (it) wrote: A little-known gem. Hysterical, over the top camp classic. I can't understand how this hasn't entered the "bad movie night" hall of fame.

Greg W (au) wrote: Still strong family fare, via MGM, with the great Lassie

Mohammed A (gb) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Edward C (ca) wrote: Tomorrow, When The War BeganStarring, Catlin Stasey, Rachel Hurd-wood, Lincoln Lewis, Deniz Akedeniz,Christopher Pang,Asheligh Cummings,Andrew Ryan,and Colin Fries.My Review Ellie Linton: Good book? Corrie Mackenzie: Better than the movie. Ellie Linton: Yeah, books usually are.I am not glad i did not read the book to this franchise before seeing the movie cause in the beginning it just seems like another version of Red Dawn,maybe the book had something more to it. But other then that I do think this film is actually great.Eight High school friends in an Australian town go on a retreat in the a part of the mountains they haven't been to that they call Hell. After their weekend is spent there they come home having realized that their town is under siege by another country. They intend to fight back and this were the war for there town back begins.If there are seven books then I honestly think I should read it. This series by the presentation of this film looks better then most teenage young adult novels that are becoming blockbuster franchises. These actors are all independent actors who mostly work in Indie films such as this one. If they keep going with movies like this one I hope to see them in more Indie action flicks. The three actors to me who stand out is lead Catlin Stasey, Christopher Pang, and Rachel Hurd-wood. The character of Ellie is so confident and independent to make sure that her friends stay alive through her integrity,courage,and ferocity. Corrie is much more subtle character she imposes curiousness in her facial expression when it comes to the disaster of knowing their dog is dead, their families gone, and their town under refuge she is curious but in fear and is brave so she can conquer that fear. Lee is the more quiet character who is very intelligent,skilled and has baggage. That baggage being his parents, he doesn't like working with his parents in their restaurant but yet he has to. During the film he falls for Ellie and gets shot but he does it for not only his friend but his family.I felt like if this were me and I was with a group of friends in a part of the mountains and another country took over our town what would we do,fight to our last breath and make a difference or would we put ourselves in shame and accept the disaster, avoid it and let it have it's day? I felt like this would be a conflict not only with my family but with myself. That is what makes this film so great to put yourself in so great a risk for not your country or town but your family.I give Tomorrow, When The War Began a four and a half out of five.