El invitado de piedra

El invitado de piedra

Mario Paz es un oficinista gris y rutinario. Su vida consiste en recorrer todos los días el camino de su casa al trabajo y del trabajo a su casa...

Mario Paz es un oficinista gris y rutinario. Su vida consiste en recorrer todos los días el camino de su casa al trabajo y del trabajo a su casa... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trouble S (au) wrote: Well done to filmmaker.Went to see this last weekend was shocked and horrified. Nobody spoke during the interval. Shamefully this did happen in real life. Nana Patekar is on form. Sanjeev the newcomer makes an impact.

Ilsa W (br) wrote: Had high hopes for this, to be honest I'll watch anything with James McAvoy in it, but this looked very good on paper. Unfortunately despite another great performance from McAvoy I found this pretty disappointing. Which is a massive shame as the chemistry between McAvoy and Strong is fantastic, they're quite electric together on screen. It could have been something special were it not for the formulaic plot, the terrible ending and the equally terrible acting from Morrissey!

BRUNO V (mx) wrote: Were can i find those women ???

Mr Movie R (de) wrote: Almost spot-on to the graphic novel and very well made.

Jordan M (ag) wrote: If you love movies, you have no reason not to see this movie. Even if you don't love movies (what's wrong with you?), you should see it. It's endlessly fascinating, and ultimately pretty heartbreaking. Try not to read the story behind it before you see it, it's worth it.

Russ B (au) wrote: 12/3/2016: It was an ok movie. I was hoping for more out of this type of movie though, especially at almost 2.5 hours of run time.

Brad M (it) wrote: By far one of Christian Slaters best movies they dont make movies like this anymore a fun movie...

Lee B (br) wrote: Consider "Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger" as the warmup to the original "Clash of the Titans". When Sinbad the American, returns from a recent voyage (to Mexico and the American Southwest based on the blankets and ponchos seen in the background during a few scenes) to Baghdad, he decides to get it on with Jane Seymour and help out her baboonized brother locate a cure for his condition caused by an evil step mother who wants to put her own son on the thone- who himself suffers an oedipus complex and a gigantic fro. Sinbad and the group set sail, seeking the help of an Irish American who is in Petra (located next door ON LAND in Jordan) to find the cure (hopefully not for alcoholism) all the while being chased by the step witch, fro boy, and beset by really bad directing, continuity and horribly aged special effects. The claymation monsters are great but vary in size from shot to shot and the lighting is woefully off, but let's face it, you're watching this film for one of two reasons: something to entertain your 10 year old and reminisce about the past or to see Dynavision at its near peak under Ray Harryhausen. Other than that Jane Seymour is well-- just hot. 1.75 stars.

Brad G (ca) wrote: Easily my favorite of the Shaft movies. Complete nutty and badass, especially the first half of the film. As usual they could have trimmed a bit but I really don't care with this one. Too much fun. VF.

Andrew B (mx) wrote: Not as bad as epically bad as "Blood Feast," but not as good as "2000 Maniacs - that's where it goes wrong. The idea sounds almost artistically sickening, but its cheap, lackluster, shoddy execution once again is its downfall.