El justiciero

El justiciero

Rui is half way to the separation from Sílvia and João, his wife and son. Understanding that his father is unable to resolve the situation, and that he can never be happy within her, João ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rohan L (jp) wrote: The plot and characters are one of the same you've seen many times before, but the city of Shanghai does add a visually striking backdrop for what is an average film.

Nicole M (fr) wrote: I love this movie, it is one of my favorites.

JeanSbastien D (it) wrote: A murder mystery set in a nursing home for mentally deficient seniors... Cortex manages to be simultaneously funny, bizarre and depressing.

kan T (au) wrote: hic de efsane karizmasi, etkileyiciligi yoktu...

Bastien M (ag) wrote: Du Kusturica engag, drle, lunatique, rveur, traumatis. Du Kusturica comme on aime en fait.

Les S (nl) wrote: This movie will tear at your heart strings. It is amazing that the guys are active SEALS

The One and Only (it) wrote: The book was alright, but the movie should be good.