El kárate, el Colt y el impostor

El kárate, el Colt y el impostor

A martial artist joins a hard-hitting gunfighter in the search for treasure while bandits step into their way.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Spanish,Italian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   murder,   gunfight,  

A martial artist joins a hard-hitting gunfighter in the search for treasure while bandits step into their way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


El kárate, el Colt y el impostor torrent reviews

FilmGrinder S (es) wrote: 78% "Man is a savage animal who, periodically, to relieve his nervous tension tries to destroy himself."-Capt. Courtney (Errol Flynn)

Aditya F (mx) wrote: Cuba's best movie is Men of Honor...for me this movie is only entertaining when you're boring..nothing superb

Michael G (us) wrote: A very twisted, eery supernatural horror film.

Joseph L (au) wrote: I actually thought this movie was hillarious...but that may just be because I like toilet humor and excessive swearing with crude jokes. Nice movie to watch when you need a laugh or get bored.

Bob W (ru) wrote: I very much appreciate that this story is told because it needs to be. Though I like the documentary Beyond Gates of Splendor, the author's book, as well as Elisabeth Elliot's books better to be fair. I'm glad it did so well at the box office. And I'm glad Mr. Saint is doing much to invest in assisting the tribe. I wish it did more to illustrate the reason why people give their lives to do such things. The simple facts of this story as it has played out are better than any docu-drama can portray them. I highly recommend knowing the story of the 5 missionaries and of course the gospel of reconciliation illustrated so well by the families after the tragedy.

Lilian P (nl) wrote: I really enjoyed this!!! I was totally different what I had expected!

E L (ru) wrote: It's hard for me not to be disappointed, considering that the "prequel" to this was a much more coherent film. But one thing's for sure: you're always guaranteed of a visual treat.

Logan M (ag) wrote: A very impressive and important satire about race and show business.

Matthew J (br) wrote: Let's face it 'Evil Under The Sun' isn't easy to adapt without loosing at least 50% of the story but this adaptation does it best. It looses the right 50% to leave the film entertaining , suspenseful , dramatic , funny and leave room for great script , acting , sets and scenes on the beautiful island. Plus no mortal or immortal can beat Ustinov's performance as Hercule Poirot (thou Suchet came close enough).

Garrett C (ag) wrote: This is easily one of the very best movies I've seen recently and I highly recommend it. Just hilarious! Babe Ruth appears as himself in a cameo playing a victim of Speedy's reckless driving. It was shot on location in New York City, and for lovers of the city and its history the film provides a very revealing portrait of what it looked like in the late 20's. This is just about as fun and joyous as movies get. Definitely a must see!

keira g (it) wrote: how do i watch this movie?

Luka H (ag) wrote: This movie was friggin' dreadful. The lead male was a whiny pig with absolutely no redeeming qualities and who just acted like a total ass to his "love interest" the entire film, while she just kept taking the abuse over, and over, and OVER again like a spineless weakling. The "romance" in this movie seemed much more like two drug addicts trying to get their fix while continually trying to resist the temptation by breaking up and getting back together again, then breaking up, then getting back together again, ad nauseum. They were literally engaging in what Einstein defines as the definition of insanity: trying the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result, when one never came. If this is what passes for romance in our screwed up world, then I am frankly happy as hell to be single...

Jeannette (ag) wrote: I really don't know what to think of this movie. It was kind of all over the place. What's up with the mom and son, I mean straight up incest. Ill. What's the point of this movie? It was way slow, I almost fell asleep.