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El-Keif torrent reviews

Jose Javier T (fr) wrote: Miss Sloane wow what a perfomance from Jessica Chastain.. Frank Underwood would be so proud...

felipe m (es) wrote: Sobre como no se conformar com as coisas, esse filme pode motivar alguns.

Jack S (it) wrote: Definitely the sign that Pokemon has NOT lost its touch. What more could you ask for? Hey, they even threw in a bit of dark material in here!

Set the Controls F (au) wrote: I loved North Sea Texas. I was a lot like Pim. Shy, dreamy, curious, romantic, strong-willed, and resolute. After reading what audience members and critics had to say, I noticed no one has mentioned the smaller boy lying at the water's edge, drowned I suppose, when Pim runs naked across the beach. Is the drowned boy a dream? Who is he? I don't know how he'd fit into the plot, and he might confuse an audience when the next scene is a funeral procession, presumably for Gino and Sabrina's mom. This movie really gets to your heart. For me the point is unconditional acceptance. Maybe the somewhat wooden and two-dimensional characters are that way for this reason.

Bjrn F (ag) wrote: Just like watching somebody else playing a mindless video game - minus the positional funny comments.

Lopold T (it) wrote: Un mauvais telefilm trop long pour la TV, soporifique.

Dominic D (jp) wrote: How else to describe this movie other than to say that it's quite clearly a made-for-late-night-TV soft porn masquerading as a horror. The film is a pale imitation of "Species," a film I didn't enjoy. It has a similar plotline but made with a terrible script, cheap special effects, and filmed in and around the University of Ottawa. The story and developments make no sense and I found the entire undertaking to be deeply misogynistic. The half star was purely for the gratuitous nudity.

Befani G (ag) wrote: A bit like Spinal Tap, but not as epic.

Antnio M (nl) wrote: While this is pretty much a traditional unremarkable british sitcom, filled with one-dimensional characters in increasingly preposterous situations and the less said about Nick Hurran's bland directorial skills, the better, this movie is elevated by an unsurprisingly commited performance by Christopher Walken and a couple of inspired moments of cheerful black humour.

Mikael K (au) wrote: A romantic comedy that is constantly declaring that it is a different, more realistic and unpolished take on the genre. To some extent this is true; the setting is unglamorous and the characters a bit more raw and real than in for example Hollywood comedies of this kind. But the film is just as boring and tired as any Jennifer Aniston flick with a story and execution that feels old and pointless. Kudos for a nice attempt, but this is no groundbreaker, nor a pleasant distraction, but just as much a part of the mainstream as it probably tries to avoid being.

Sharnali D (de) wrote: It's okay, but some of the parts in the movie were not needed, some of the scenes they made for too long. So, honestly, I wouldn't recommend it to my friends too, in my opinion. It's still great! Jay ( boy in movie cover ) gets married with the girl in the cover, which I forgot her name. Jay's dad doesn't want Jay or his children to get married. The girl's grandmother doesn't want her grandmother to be married with someone she doesn't know. But, secretly, one of the sons of Jay's dad gets married and moves away from family. Dad thinks he lost him. Yes, some of the parts were chaotic, like when the brothers went crazy and threatening each other that " I will take a knife and scar your hand with no mercy!" or " I will behead with my own hands!" when they were fighting at the village. At the end, Jay and the girl had to get married in one way: by Jay putting the marriage necklace around the girl. Which they did.

Private U (ca) wrote: This is a weird one. No one on alllll of FB has rated it. lol! take that connossiuers of da weird! me and QT have seen it tho. it aint Jack Starrett's best, tho the stunt sequence early in dis flic has to be seen to be believed. omg its fuckin fab. the plot (kinda the Waltons meets Race w/ the Devil) is way outta left field and blows apart J. Didion's thesis that "all biker flix" share essentially the same plot. she wuz obsessed w/ em back then. but she didna recognized Starrett's genius like me and QT and the lady v.

Riyako H (ru) wrote: This is a black comedy about marriage. Rather ridiculous than amusing at some points.

Enrique O (kr) wrote: Divertdisima pelcula, que carece de una trama en concreto, pero lo compensa lo hilarante y carismtica que es la pelcula.