El lago de los cisnes

El lago de los cisnes


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Jordan F (jp) wrote: Quick Review: A good film about relationships. There's hardly any sound design or cinematography invested into this film. It's all shot in a MTV real world perspective with characters talking directly to the camera about how they feel. At first I was worried that the movie was just a more adult version of a reality TV show, but towards the end the film started to pick up some weight. I think some of the improv wasn't the greatest. I also think some of the characters were trying a bit too hard to be obnoxious. Ed burns character really turns out to be the only really like able guy in the film. His wife, played by Caitlin Fitzgerald, justifiably goes over the edge but I think her fit of rage at the end makes it seem as if Ed Burns is the only character with a cool head on his shoulder.

Charles P (es) wrote: Brad Payne, I hate you. But I want more...more. Now I have this desire to watch all the WWE produced films. I blame you, you bastard!!

Terry D (de) wrote: Only for the truly irreverant..check this flick out on netflix

Kristy P (es) wrote: Wow. Seriously one of the very best movies I've seen in a long time. I really enjoyed it. The scene where the POW guards stop in midstride when the women begin to sing is just so beautiful. This is really a very powerful story of triumph in unspeakable odds, and the courage of the human spirit to survive. I highly recommend.

Hiro P (ru) wrote: Awesome little flick. Harvey Keitel gets f'd over and is out for blood. Think Mr. White continued--with a license to crack heads open. Good stuff.

Harshan A (it) wrote: Its powerful but a bit sad for my liking

Ty M (es) wrote: Incredibly funny movie and a great plot!! A little inappropriate, but great otherwise.

Jason D (kr) wrote: Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth does a tremendous job of following up the first movie six years later as Deth (returning Tim Thomerson) now roams L.A. with his now-wife Lena (returning Helen Hunt) and continues to protect the remaining councilman ancestor (returning Biff Manard). Things get hectic when Trancers mysteriously start to show up in large numbers, attacking Deth and his friends until his boss McNulty (returning Art LaFleur and Alyson Croft) travels back in time to inform him of the brother of Whistler (played by the great Richard Lynch) traveling back in time to recruit people to brainwash and turn into Trancers. To further complicate matters, Deth's dead wife (played by Megan Ward) was pulled out of the past and send on a mission to 1985 L.A. to stop Lynch's character and come back to the future with Deth. Can Deth and his two wives stop this new terror before it spreads and destroys the future? I'm guessing so since there are several more sequels. The Trancers franchise makes its transition to the 90's (where the rest of the sequels reside) and while they definitely have that 90's look and feel, the campy and cult-level 80's ideas are still the same. Thanks to a more recognizable cast of cult genre actors, Trancers II definitely manages to equal the fun and entertainment that was served in the original film. Speaking of which, we also have appearances from the likes of the great Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator franchise) as a 2nd in command henchman, Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond) in a bit part as a talk show host, and Sonny Carl Davis (recently a hilarious scene-stealer in the Evil Bong films). Part 2 probably doesn't retain the cult status as much as the original, but it's definitely as much fun to watch.