El Lute II: mañana seré libre

El Lute II: mañana seré libre


This is the story of a man fighting with all his might for his life and his freedom. Eleuterio (”El Lute”) embarks upon an action-packed future, fuelled by the notions of freedom and dreams of living just as his countrymen, ever-growing in his mind. Nothing and no-one can stop him. After escaping the Puerto de Santa María prison, the reunion with his family is just the beginning of what will become an endless escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


El Lute II: mañana seré libre torrent reviews

Mique W (au) wrote: I had many problems with this. Aside from the fact that it lacks charm, is bland, features uninteresting characters, and, has a painfully clichd-riddled story, it simply gave me no reason to care for any of the characters involved despite its "tragic" story. What was most disappointing was that the cast delivered strong performances, which were unfortunately wasted here.

Gavin P (kr) wrote: Did not connect with the characters in this movies. The trailer looked good but sadly it fell short.

Tiffany Y (ru) wrote: I wish that this movie had a little more to it. I wanted to learn more about life in the military.

Russ B (fr) wrote: 4/13/2017 (2): Meh. A really great cast, but an ok movie at best.

Chris S (ag) wrote: Much more entertaining than I anticipated.

Derek H (jp) wrote: An interesting, sometimes uneasy watch for the viewer. Timothy Spall gives and excellent performance. What I know of Pierrepoint and his work made me think that the film was brought to rather an abrupt ending.

Pam R (de) wrote: I like both the ladies that are in this but it was just SO BORING.

David J (de) wrote: I pretty terrible film. Mired in slo-mo and special effects, the fight scenes are crazy but too much to be taken at all seriously. The plot is generously called one just to set up the fight.

Eric A (br) wrote: Great, great modern & intelligent mob thriller set in SOHO...

Abbie L (mx) wrote: Seriously Awesome!!!!!! I luv western !!!!!

Rob H (au) wrote: TV movie of the wekk that they elevated to theaters shouldn't have

Alec B (it) wrote: A great comedic epic. Chaplin's critique of capitalism is right on the money, but none of it would have worked if the movie wasn't also hilarious.

Gome A (it) wrote: I enjoyed it because I simply like Hugh Grant but ... haters gonna hate right ?

Jillian H (ag) wrote: I find this insanely entertained