El maleficio II

El maleficio II


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El maleficio II torrent reviews

Budget F (gb) wrote: One word I got out of the movie:Persistence

Jonan G (mx) wrote: Charming little story, loved it.

Tracie D (fr) wrote: It was weirdly funny the characters played what was given to them I think they should have had more of that sappy stuff that was at the end and everyone thinks the actors are to blame they aren't they were following what they were told I wish it wasn't so random and stayed on one couple the whole time not two that is distracting from the main couple. That's my opinion anyway everyone has their own opinion.

Chaeok A (ag) wrote: Was very lame way to copy Tarantino style.

Amanda W (mx) wrote: I can't stand the ending, but other than that...Zoe Kazan is brilliant in every way. Haunting. One of my favorite films, even if I can't bring myself to watch it very often.

Jim T (gb) wrote: I woulda gave it 3.5 stars if the young brother would have just put his collar down. Immigrants in the construction buisness. pretty good. (2007)

Greg W (fr) wrote: very good period piece crime mystery

Michael C (br) wrote: I saw this movie when it came out on HBO in 1993. The story it tells was unfolding as I began my career in healthcare in 1983, and I remember watching it unfold in the media and in my own work with a certain morbid fascination. I remember coming face to face with my first confirmed AIDS patient and feeling a creepy uneasiness, despite knowing logically that I needn't.This movie feels accurate and much of it isn't easy to watch, probably because it does ring true. And the truth is, healthcare worldwide is profoundly entwined with politics, economics, government red tape and social and cultural pressures. Sometimes the mix isn't pretty. Not that I have a better idea.This story is a must see for anyone in or interested in healthcare. Or anyone who might consume healthcare services.

Jon H (au) wrote: hey cool, they fixed the title. I love this movie!

Stuart B (mx) wrote: Loved the film, how someone from the backstreets can get into drag racing. As a woman and playing and beating the blokes at their own game, fantastic can't wait to watch it again.

Lidia K (fr) wrote: evergreen. for multiple viewing.

julie l (fr) wrote: Dracula has never been funnier

Jana A (jp) wrote: A nice, touching film.

Tamara H (ru) wrote: Might rival "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for my favorite 'Peanuts' special. I want to own all of the songs, put them on my mp3 player, and play them on my radio show multiple times.