El matrimonio es como el demonio

El matrimonio es como el demonio


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Josh X H (gb) wrote: A great cast and a fascinating true story should make for a homerun but still somehow still fall somewhat flat.

Yasser T (fr) wrote: Superb acting by the Khan.

Joe H (us) wrote: Director Michael Goldbach has some strong stylistic potential, but Daydream Nation's greatest flaw is its terribly confused script. It's a film that isn't sure what it wants to be, so it tries to be everything, and in so doing, says really...nothing.

Arash B (nl) wrote: Wish I could give this one star because Zahn & Aniston are fun to watch but the film's so cliche, predictable & dumb that I just can't

MyFriendAli (gb) wrote: a romantic comedy about a guy who's worked as a, Relationship Terminator, Break Up News Delivery Person!

Denise P (us) wrote: The Messengers has the beginnings of a frightening, beautifully crafted haunted house horror delight, but the script is unfortunately too familiar to distinguish itself from other similarly themed pictures and the execution is too milquetoast in the long run to approximate to a truly satisfying horror film.

Phenyeia O (de) wrote: Really great movie to watch

Austin D (it) wrote: Excellent cast, historically accurate, visually stimulating, comical, what more could you want?

Geoffrey F (kr) wrote: over the top action that ultimate lampoons its own tropes

Yuri B (fr) wrote: This role showed her acting prowess!

Kara S (gb) wrote: Good in that it sticks with you but it stuck with me in a bad way. Good acting - and for once it's a film that takes place in Alaska that was actually FILMED here. I just didn't like the story so much.

Troy (kr) wrote: A really good movie. The plot is a little slow at first, but it picks up in a comical yet intresting way. Good performence by Robin Williams, but as for Tim Robbins, not the best performence around but it's passable.

Hannah M (ag) wrote: I get why the critics love it. I get why Ebert gave it four stars. All right? I get it. I just don't like it. Georgia is quite possibly one of the most intolerable characters I have seen in a movie. Ever. Too bad I have to write a paper on this, I can't remember much at the moment except for remnants of "What the hell is going on in this movie? Why did that happen?"

Al M (mx) wrote: If you don't like Roger Corman produced cinema, then you are not likely to enjoy Humanoids from the Deep. If, on the other hand, you appreciate cheaply made and cheesy yet awesome sci-fi/horror cinema, then you will most likely adore the film. It is a film about fish-monsters from the deep who enjoy raping and impregnating teenage girls. If you're still with me after that premise, then I think you will love this craptastic piece of horror cinema.

Ximena S (kr) wrote: One of the best characters Frank Sinatra ever played! And one of my favorites of all times. It's not a great movie, but it could have been.

Vince N (nl) wrote: Edge of your seat delivery. A walk through the dark side with no reason to fear nor a reason to live.

GreatOne W (ca) wrote: "I don't want your life..."