El monje

El monje


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1924
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El monje torrent reviews

Laura H (ca) wrote: Didn't follow from #3. 1950 his son is in college. His wife past away in 1960 . That was in Ip Man 3. Did he have more than one son or did someone make a mistake ? Not keeping me interested.

Randy T (br) wrote: Interesting documentary that says as much about mental illness as it does about mysterious cryptic tiles.

c0up (de) wrote: 'About Her Brother'. A decent, dysfunctional dramedy to start the Japanese Film Festival, but I was hoping for better, to be honest

MF J (ca) wrote: A dry little indy film about a bunch of kids going on a boat trip and killing the local bully while out there in the wild. It's very well done and quite touching.

Sullivan L (es) wrote: A solid coming-to-term movie. Totally unappropritate if you're a bit depressed, though

Camri B (au) wrote: I have loved this movie since I was like 1. EPIC MOVIE. 5 STAR. LOVE IT.

Kathryn D (ag) wrote: This is a great family movie! Everyone can appreciate this one, no matter your age. This should join the ranks of Noel favourites! Olive ROCKS!!!!

Emily L (it) wrote: For many years I said that this was the worst movie I'd ever seen. Then I saw Be Kind Rewind.

Simon D (es) wrote: At the start of the film you can tell that it's going to be bad, it's a medievil sci-fi for gods sake. It has some early career appearances from some big names, which is amusing. This is a cult film because of the group of movie fans who believe that some films are so bad, they're good.

Matt C (nl) wrote: Spike Lee loves Basketball, New York, the art of movie-making and Denzel Washington so it's no surprise that this is a really good film. The final half hour starts to come apart at the seams a little as it starts to slip into melodrama (the less said about the female characters here the better as well) but overall this is great. Worth watching for some of the Basketball scenes set to classic film scores alone. Some cracking Public Enemy tracks as well.

Dylan G (mx) wrote: Smart, interesting, and loads of fun! This is one of the best movies the 1990's can offer! A+

Todd A (nl) wrote: Patriot games features tense sequences and fine performances. A solid adaption of the source material.