El Narco

El Narco

Benjamin Garcia, Benny, is deported from the United States. Back home and against a bleak picture, Benny gets involved in the narco business, in which has for the first time in his life, an...

Benjamin Garcia, Benny, is deported from the United States. Back home and against a bleak picture, Benny gets involved in the narco business, in which has for the first time in his life, an... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick G (gb) wrote: I really wanted to see this movie because I'm a huge Kenny Vs. Spenny fan. However, I was pretty disappointed when I finally found it. Spenny just plays a fictionalized version of himself and can't really act. The film is trying to go in too many directions for such a short time-span. It does have its funny moments, mainly from Mark Breslin, but other than that -- pretty lame.

Kyle M (it) wrote: It's old, simple traditions vs. new, elaborated, mostly lighted traditions.This targeted holiday tradition of this film, titled after a direct lyric from a classic song, is on the displays of Christmas lights. The tradition of Christmas lights is to give a beautiful glow on wreaths, garlands, trees and outside of the houses. But in this film, it was only used for a desire that went on without the spirit and joy nor the Christmassy meaning except when following the final piece of the holiday formula.Steve Finch (Matthew Broderick) is the Christmas expert of the locals and his family with traditions that are defined as simple and aged - with some immortality to those. But the way his traditions worked went on another, connected route when Buddy Hall (Danny DeVito) came to town as his new neighbor. Both of their household families met on good and friendly terms.Buddy went for a car salesman job, but seemingly lost interest as a portion of his lifestyle didn't satisfies him as he want something more. He then came across a Google Earth-type app and couldn't see his house during the nighttime. So he came up with a desire to make his house shine and bright with lots of lights so his new home can be seen from space. His ambitious, yet preposterous, desire attracted the wows of the town locals by the overloaded display of pretty lights.Steve, on the other hand, is the only one who finds it a bothersome, especially feeling threatened that the new-in-town Buddy could steal his role as the town's Christmas expert. His attempts of sabotaging Buddy's desire puts the two men in unfriendly terms. They'll soon get Christmas karma if their mean-spirited during the holidays. But they about got almost the same consequences, with Steve's Christmas traditions gotten a little more complicated.The two actors are good and likable as ever with their moments of charismatic and comic and following that aforementioned last piece of the holiday formula. Their best scene of the whole movie is during the Santa Baby minute, which is also the only laughable moment that's at a LOL level.But for the film however when it gets unwrapped before it was unfold, you'll probably find this the saddest holiday flick by the characters' desperations to their desires that are in the together form of feuding and competing. The Christmas lights were like drugs in this film being abused by DeVito in character not paying enough attention to the meaning. The locals that were wowed just like the visuals and the attractiveness of a new tradition. Broderick's character probably represent how the meaning needed to be pointed out, which hence the characteristic of being a Christmas expert but didn't state the true meaning of the lights specifically when busy being bothered."Deck the Halls" provides a likable duo of the cast and being a little funny with that mentioned funny moment you'll like to watch it over and over for a few times maybe, but it'd ignored the meaning on the concept of Christmas lights and a little on the holiday in general. If you ever watch this film, just watch: - the exposition and know the basic of the plot; - skip Buddy's multiple moments of overload desperation; - and watch the Santa Baby scene and the point where the story unfolds when it was time for the film to follow the last piece of the holiday formula.No traditions have won in this feuding competition. (B-)

Miguel R (mx) wrote: While it may seem it features an interesting premise, Planet 51 is an unoriginal animated story with badly designed characters and a cliched feel

Jared F (nl) wrote: Control Room freshens up memories of the War in Iraq through telling a story about the Aljazeera coverage.

Rawballs B (au) wrote: The things that glitters only in the movie are the songs of Carey...

Mike F (ca) wrote: Pretty much the best, and the worst, comic book movie ever made.

Michael A (mx) wrote: funnyest aussie movie ever. hilarious, watch it and try and tell me you cant relate. " come on mate fuck off, this is our robbery" cinematic genius.

Edgar M (br) wrote: A weird cult favorite for anybody who is a film geek.

E L (br) wrote: Sex-spiced and quirky in the way the Spanish knows how, but Almodovar probably does sort of thing better.

Calyre Z (nl) wrote: "A la recherche de la panthre rose"

Dusan G (br) wrote: they are good at live performance as usual!

Jim P (it) wrote: I really want to give this a higher rating, because this is some brilliant movie making from some of the greatest actors of all time. But the ending just falls apart for me. 22 years of abuse (yes, abuse) and we get that ending? I don't get it.

Francisco Q (au) wrote: Stanley Kubrick's first great war movie is "Paths of Glory". Obviously, it isn't great in scale, but in its powerful meaning! Kirk Douglas, Adolphe Menjou and George Macready destroy everything. Kubrick was just 28 when he directed this one, and soon he had shown off his huge talent. Surely one of the best war films of all time!

Michael T (ag) wrote: A huge moneymaker in 1944, this Oscar winner for Best Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor , Director, Screenplay and Song ("Swingin' on a Star") has remained popular through the years, mostly as a Christmastime staple. A sentimental delight.