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Deane G (fr) wrote: Murder has never been so funny!

Laura L (fr) wrote: While Miley Cyrus isn't terrible, the cliche-ridden script absolutely is.

Roland K (us) wrote: Dujardin charismatique et en retenue, Croze s (C)duisante en fantme hitchcockien, un arrire-plan alg (C)rien historique et autobiographique pour Garcia tout fait estimable, une bande annonce intriguante, une histoire d'amour sur fond de souvenirs d'enfance qui remontent la surface, autant d' (C)l (C)ments qui peuvent sugg (C)rer que "Un balcon sur la mer" m (C)rite le d (C)tour. Mais ce balcon s' (C)croule tel un chteau de cartes quand on examine d'un peu plus prs le sc (C)nario construit sur une s (C)rie d'incoh (C)rences et de concidences qu'on ne pardonnerait pas mme un d (C)butant. N'est pas le successeur de Vertigo qui veut... Un peu frustrant aussi de se dire que ce type de films constitue actuellement le haut de gamme du long m (C)trage de qualit (C) pour les producteurs et les investisseurs franais... Trop artificiellement myst (C)rieux, trop lisse, trop attendu, trop clinquant dans la peinture professionnelle des personnages...

Jen P (ca) wrote: gotta love the hallmark channel. this movie was sooooo cute. Kieren Hutchinson was HOT ; ( awww Andy from oth) Marla Sokoloff did such a good job. PERFECT WEDDING MOVIE. soooo cute. girl works in a floral shop with her grandma and does all the flower arrangement's for weddings. she meets the best man at one of the weddings and they start talking as she is putting his flower on, he is a writer they talked about books and such. her grandma delivered get well flowers to a hospital and met a cute doctor and she told him about her granddaughter. Of course, she begins dating both of the men. Grandma tells wedding guy (Steven) her granddaughter is involved with someone else. he backs of breaks their date one night blah blah blah. doctor proposes. she said no cuz she thinks she loves steven, she goes to his house and see a woman there who happened to answer the door. ( well, turns out the woman was his publicist.) he meet up with her at a wedding, he was looking for her, then few months later she was finally getting married to the man of her dreams Steven. AWESOME WEDDING MOVIE. LOVED IT. <3

AD V (nl) wrote: After watching the I Spit On Your Grave remake I've had a hankering for 'Women on the Warpath' movies. So since then I've watched Killer Nun (thumbs down) and Nude Nuns with Big Guns (thumbs UP) and now this one and wow what a letdown. The dialogue and acting are just laughable (the lead bad guy sounds like Corey Feldman in The Lost Boys sequels) and the violence is too sparse and dull minus the final confrontation which is the highlight of the whole thing. While NNWBG feels like a well done simulation of a Robert Rodriguez movie this feels like a bad knock off of Quentin Tarantino. If you watch it as a black comedy you may find some value but for those looking for an entertaining exploitation movie you should probably look elsewhere.

Pascal F (ag) wrote: Le film est malheureusement connu pour sa polemique. A savoir : Plus d un mois apres la sortie du film en salles, Misha Defonseca, de son vrai nom Monique De Wael, a avoue que le livre dont il est tire, sorti en 1997, n etait pas autobiographique, contrairement a ce qu elle n a cesse de clamer auparavant. Il est egalement apparu que sa famille n etait pas juive, que ses parents ont ete deportes quand elle avait quatre ans (et non huit), et que lorsqu elle tait censee etre sur les routes de Pologne, elle etait en fait scolarisee Bruxelles.En dehors de a, et cinematographiquement, Survivre avec les loups est superbe. Superbe Mathilde Goffart, petite fille au caractere affirme et role extraordinaire. Superbe reconstitution historique. Superbes animaux : chiens, loups. Mise en scene simple qui n'oublie pas l emotion. Guy Bedos et Michele Bernier sont epatant. Romulus et Remus : ces jumeaux abandonnes a la naissance et eleves par une louve ont fonde Rome. Trs bonne idee d'adapter ce mythe dans le contexte de la seconde guerre mondiale. Trs belle histoire.

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 84%Saw this on 20/9/15A Tale of Two Sisters is an extremely confusing film from master director Kim Jee-woon and one must watch till the very end to know what the fuck it's all about. But I clearly did not like the idea of mixing psychological thriller and ghost stories because clearly they don't match and will look as absurd as in The Shining (1980). The sole purpose of a psychological thriller is to prove that everything happens in a confused mind and that there are no supernatural elements in the real life.

Andy P (gb) wrote: Nicely adapted from play to movie. The strong performances from all its cast drives the film, Pacino especially. It's about the pressures the working-man is constantly under to make a living. Lemmon's character is the basis of Gil in 'The Simpsons'.

daisy Moderator (mx) wrote: loved this heart warming movie.

Peter M (fr) wrote: A true hidden gem of a movie, the film has a great little story with some good performances and plenty of gore. Apart from the rings movies this is possibly viggo's best movie.

Christine C (mx) wrote: Dextor Gordon was amazing. I was rather surprised that even though he was nominated for an academy award, a jazz player acting as a jazz player wasn't convincing enough to win. I love the guy's voice...it's almost as though Bleeding Gums Murphy was based on this guy.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: When Stanley Baker and Cy Endfield planned Zulu, they also wanted to portray the Battle of Isandlwana, but costs prohibited it. They never gave up on doing a prequel, even when Baker died in 1976, Endfield persisted, and it was given to Douglas Hickox (Theatre of Blood (1973) and Brannigan (1975)) to direct. It's got a better cast than the first film, but something is missing... In January 1879, in the province of Natal in British South Africa, where at Cape Colony, ran by the pompous Lord Chelmsford (Peter O'Toole) and the slimy Sir Henry Bartle Frere (John Mills) plan to bring down the neighbouring Zulu empires, and they give Zulu King Cetshwayo (Simon Sabela) one last chance to dissolve his troops, he refuses, and Lord Chelmsford is ordered to lead a British invasion force into Zululand to put a stop to them. The British troops go in, and a showdown is at Mount Isandhlwana, where the British are aided by Natal native Colonel Durnford (Burt Lancaster), but there's thousands of Zulu Warriors. It goes ahead with all good intentions, and it has a good cast, (even if Lancaster's accent shifts from Irish to South African jarringly), but it doesn't have the tight focus that the first film had. Despite a big cast and epic vistas, it was a massive flop at the time, but it's actually a very good film, just not as good as Zulu (1964)

Crime Scene A (gb) wrote: Interesting movie though I found it hard to keep focus on the story. All in all though a nice movie with a great performance by Peter Falk.

Rob A (gb) wrote: An 80's classic. Seeing this movie at the age of 43 (the same age as the two men in the movie) was just a new experience...

Lea W (it) wrote: Natalie Portman is great in this movie so is Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. It's a diverse movie with classic parts and modern bridges a superhero movie without actually being a hero until the end.