El ojo de la tormenta

El ojo de la tormenta


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:14 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:El ojo de la tormenta 2002 full movies, El ojo de la tormenta torrents movie

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El ojo de la tormenta torrent reviews

Shawn W (mx) wrote: Excellent documentary on the bands history.

Fabrice R (ru) wrote: Terrible... Just terrible. Bad acting good looking people... You spend half the movie yelling the location of each of the characters to the killer... And when he finally find them, the money shot is cut off. Just plain terrible. Best/worst quote: I smell fear. Don't waste your time,. This isn't even worth a laugh.

Krystin D (mx) wrote: I can watch this movie over and over and over again. Excellent message.

Kale F (it) wrote: It is a struggle to get through the opening credits with the migraine inducing artwork and music, if you manage to suffer through this and decide to give the "film" a chance, you will be largely let down. The film has two memorable scenes muddled into a bunch of garbage. Two scenes, maybe 8 min, in the entire movie worth mentioning. I will add that there are several large chunks of the film where nothing happens, nothing, without spoiling anything, imagine watching a person walk down the street for two or three min.

Debbie H (ag) wrote: not to bad it started out a bit slow but then it pick up the blood and gor was good

Aaron W (gb) wrote: Man did the critics get this movie wrong.. Dewayne Johnson (The Rock) was outstanding. Really enjoyed watching it again. Man do I miss football. This game taught me so much about myself. It taught me so much about life. It taught me strenght, hardwork, teamwork, dedication, humility, and setting goals. I was blessed to have great young men that played along side me. In Clarksdale, Ms football united guys from both sides of the tracks. Much respect to this game! Is it football season yet?

Gabriella P (mx) wrote: Liked this. Love Winona and really fond of Gere when he plays these kinds of roles :)

THOMAS S (it) wrote: This was not as good as the orginal in fact. Probably one of the action horror movies of all time. It was confusing and the story just didn't have enough to convince nor captivate.

Robert H (br) wrote: The animation and story are quite well done even if there is plenty "borrowed" from other "sources". Unfortunately All Dogs go to Heaven has several flaws that work against it. The most obvious problem comes from the songs. They aren't very catchy, the music is kinda boring and the actual singing isn't that great. Then you have the main character Charles B, Barkin the German Sheppard (yes that's his actual name). While his demeanor is needed to tell the story, you never truly relate with him. Even when he seems to be doing good, he still comes off a little selfish. This doesn't bode well for the ending as the necessary transition of character, from bad dog to good, doesn't truly come across. You know that's what is supposed to be there but you don't really see it happen. It's almost like the audience needs to fill in the blanks or accept certain things to be true even though it's not made crystal clear in the actual film.All Dogs go to Heaven is a good film, but it's not great. It was however, popular enough to get a sequel which is saying something for a non-Disney animated film.

danny d (us) wrote: this is a very profound film. mifune nails his portrayal of an old man losing his grip, and you see that he doesnt genuinely go crazy because of the reasons his family thinks he's crazy, he goes crazy because of his family themselves. shimura's character was great and even underused, and he is the character with the real moral dilema that the audience can relate to. very good and different film.

Skyler B (us) wrote: Some rock solid, kickass drumming. Otherwise, a pretty typical plot.

Chris C (ru) wrote: Funny but with a major violent dramatic sense, Miami Blues shines with its superb plot and terrific performances by Alec Baldwin, Fred Ward and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Marvin P (ca) wrote: Despite the few thrills and chills, The Devil Inside is just another found-footage film that could possibly have one of the laziest film endings ever.