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El otro Cochiloco


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christian g (nl) wrote: The best fighting/martial arts movies I've ever seen in my life. There's no love garbage, no drama, just people handing out ass whoopins all day.

Philip W (ru) wrote: A found-footage film yet not a part of the horror genre, Chronicle separates itself with amazing camera techniques and a compelling story throughout. Centered around three high school boys who gain telekinesis abilities, this film turns into a villain origin story as we see these characters grow darker and progress from kids having fun to dangerous individuals who are not bound by science and don't answer to anyone. The fact that the film doesn't have a soundtrack and contrasts so much from beginning compared to end, plus seeing Michael B. Jordan shine in one of his first major roles makes Chronicle so interesting to watch.

TheMumblelover (kr) wrote: A great documentary done in Werzog own inimitable way. A tour de force in Art painting like nothing you have seen before and what great art it is. A time capsule that come to like in a great art lesson

Sarah M (br) wrote: Such a rubbish film, terrible plot, awful clunky script and dull "action" scenes. Don't waste your time with this one, life's too short!

Shaun W (ca) wrote: Slow and relatively un-interesting The most I can say is it attempts to grasp at the deeper themes of the exorcist, an admirable goal sadly not achieved.

Ilona D (fr) wrote: Sweet and philosophical and enchanting in so many ways. A perennial favourite. With quite possibly the most beautiful soundtrack ever.

Jason P (de) wrote: Routine b movie thriller elevated by a strong central performance by the excellent Woods in what could have been a clich (C)d role. Fans of James Ellroy were maybe justified in disliking this sledgehammer subtle adaptation of his well received novel. Regardless, it's an undemanding yet dark thriller, which is worth a view for those who haven't read or have no interest in reading the novel.

Lanky Man P (br) wrote: The acting is so cheesy and terrible that you'll laugh the whole through it.

Eric C (jp) wrote: An impressive film, with beautiful sets, great camera work, well lit and surprisingly good acting, Corridors of Blood isn't a completely perfect film. The use of the words 'expirement' and 'painless surgery' are overused, but as personal tastes go I couldn't stop myself from enjoying it. It touches on themes of obsession, addiction, science, skepticism, generational missunderstanding and political class distinctions; all this in an 86min film with Boris Karloff as the lead. What a treat!

Jack W (it) wrote: This film revolves around the pairing of two of the biggest stars of the studio era, Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers. And other than these two, this film really provides nothing memorable. The narrative is rather stiff and disjointed. The best technical quality is the score as it is very beautiful. Grant and Rogers though make this two hour film a breeze. Grant is his suave and debonair best and Rogers always looks great. Both of their personas shine, and both give nice performances even though they do not have much to work with.

Bob W (br) wrote: Shakespeare influenced Sci Fi fantasy filled with psycho-babble, a cool robot and Leslie Nielson in a serious role. What more could you ask for? One of the truly great films of the genre. If you had to take only one film to represent the class of 50's sci-fi, this would be the one.

Duncan F (ru) wrote: The chemistry of the cast alone makes it worth watching