El padrino

El padrino

In the streets of East Los Angeles, Manny is a formidable drug dealer. Impressed by his extravagant lifestyle and prowess, his young son, Kilo, yearns to follow in his footsteps. Kilo resolves to learn how to prosper in the drug world, and his new life as a dealer begins. In a world where a man wants everything, he may end up with nothing.

In the streets of East Los Angeles, Manny is a formidable drug dealer. Impressed by his extravagant lifestyle and prowess, his young son, Kilo, yearns to follow in his footsteps. Kilo ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin T (nl) wrote: A soccer-crazed juvenile deliquent schemes his way to Tehran to see a match. This early feature by Kiarostami contains a lot of elements you won't find in his later, more formalist films. Non-diegetic music throughout (instead of just at the end), a more artful, composed approach to cinematography, and even a dream sequence. I liked it quite a bit, more than I suspected I would. Although not as intellectually intriguing as something like The Wind Will Carry Us or Close-Up, it has an inviting narrative and compelling aesthetic values. It's kind of Satyajit Ray meets The 400 Blows meets neorealism. Qassem is a very unsympathetic protagonist, but the ending suggests that perhaps he might learn a lesson.

thomas f (es) wrote: Well, it was sad that things turned out to be like this at the end.

Erik H (nl) wrote: i think i liked it. the ideal length for something of this sort.


Diana C (au) wrote: "Err, no, no. It??s an index finger you dimwit, but that [shows a fist]... that's a fist. But not for hitting... for fist-fucking tight arsed pussies like your good self!"

Jeff Q (us) wrote: Wisconsin Death Trip, is a quasi documentary about the many deaths in the town of Black River Falls (and area) Wisconsin in the late 1800?s. The project consists of a combination original newspaper articles, original photographs, reenactments, other voice overs, and some present day film. WDTrip also has a decidedly artistic presentation, choosing to show each unfortunate murder, suicide, etc as a random stand alone snapshot and not at all a chronological story. I found this presentation lacking and basically a live-action obituary page. The artistic renderings lacked personality and therefore any impact, at least for my tastes. The film does have a bit of a cult following, so it seems to play better to others, but I was mostly bored throughout.

FanGirl B (ru) wrote: This movie makes me want noodles really bad.

Aaron B (ag) wrote: Laughable, if anything.

Paul D (gb) wrote: While I appreciate the idea behind this movie, and I certainly agree that better roles for other races is important, I just could not find this movie very funny. It had a few moments of amusement, but it could have been so much better. Perhaps in this day and age someone could revisit these themes.

Kevin H (ru) wrote: The original Final Destination, Sole Survivor is a fantastic little film that has managed to fly under the radar for many years. Having recently just been re-released I had the chance to watch it again and was impressed at how well it holds up. The story is truly suspensful and the acting is quite good as well. An unknown gem to be sure, well worth a watch.

Jamie T (gb) wrote: Seen parts of this, and it looks very interesting. Depressing as hell, though.

Scott R (nl) wrote: smart but too straight-forward to be consistently entertaining.

Sean D (gb) wrote: The story of the West. Westside. An island. New York City. The borough of Manhattan. This is a story of racism more than anything else. Puerto Rican immigrants in a gang fight over territory, more specifically a basketball court from the looks of it. This doesn't have anything on Grove Street vs The Ballas and at least were two different teams of blacks that didn't like each other. This story is a mess. The opening is awkward and dumb that it doesn't make any sense. You think the lines are trying to spell out west side story, but they just make a 1D representation of the island. The opening is over 5 minutes long, and if it wasn't so dragged out, it would have been cool because of what happened at the end. Then the next 20 are so boring. Okay, it's a musical. Nothing makes sense and everyone has issues right? But for a film about gang wars and racism, the young 20 year old's come off as complete morons dancing around and seemingly intentionally missing each other when they are trying to fight as if this is So You Think You Can Dance? decades before reality television and dance shows were all the rage. Almost like this film, sets the precedent for the subgenre to come. Then people die, people get angry, and more death occurs. The film goes downhill. Oh and don't forget the most important part of the film, certainly not the coming-of-age morons being racist. But like every other American film, let's put a massive emphasis on love. Again, was this really about intergender love or racism again? Maybe both. It ends up becoming the most significant aspect of the film. The film does get better around those parts. This is a weird musical film because the singing is too over the top and becomes opera level and I came to find out that not all the actors sing and act, as in, it's lip-synched with another actor to come in for the singing parts. That kind of kills it for me and heavily defeats the purpose of a musical. Would I recommend this long and drawn out 2 and a half hour film to somebody? Yes, but watch it with a few people and decide if it's right for you or you may agree with me and decide the plot is poorly executed and the film is dumb and one of the least good musicals out there, besides what the critics say. This film is anything but fresh for me. When it comes to a film like this, and not liking it, I know I'm going to get a lot of slack from faults, like how could I not like it or what's wrong with me? The fact of the matter is, it's not for everyone and it's really lackluster if you think about it, or it just didn't age well.

Ethan D (ru) wrote: I can understand why this movie doesn't have that good of a reception, it's a bit odd and abrupt at points, and it is a bit different, but it made me laugh, and that is what a comedy is supposed to do. The sequel of the comedy classic isn't that bad, and still is pretty funny.

Mesut T (gb) wrote: I liked the city of Marseille and story.

Todd S (ag) wrote: From Paris With Love plays as though it were the fourth or fifth sequel in a legendary saga, that has reached it's end and is just milking another film out of the story. It's adequate and somewhat entertaining, but nowhere near as good as it should have been. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers stars a a junior C.I.A. agent, working out of the U.S. Embassy in Paris. Until now he's been asked to do simple things. His role quickly changes once and international terror cell sets up shop in his backyard. Rhys-Meyers is quickly paired with a veteran C.I.A. hit-man. The kind of guy you call when you want things done quickly and under the radar, but years of killing has taken it's toll. The mysterious man has become cold and reckless to a fault. The story here is painfully predictable, in a film that is about half as long as it should have been. Yes, the film is basically non-stop action, but it moves in such a way that the story is rushed to the point of confusion. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was terrific in an opposites attract kind of way. John Travolta on the other hand was much too old and out of shape to be believable as this crazy, over the top hit-man. The chemistry between the two and the amazing non-stop action make this movie a pretty entertaining one, but the predictability and rushed story take too much away to make it the kind of film that keeps audiences buzzing after it's over.

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Alex K (de) wrote: Great movie. One of the best ever.

Jayakrishnan R (jp) wrote: 78%Saw this on 14/2/16Gene Hackman is almost spot on and the film gets it's racial themes right, but it's far from Alan Parker's best film. It underutilizes William Dafoe and it lacks believability because by the end it becomes something similar to a standard Hollywood action movie and it's hard to believe that just a dozen white men are the only ones behind the Ku Klux Klan.

Grant H (it) wrote: Not a great movie, but not a terrible one either.