El paseo

El paseo

The Peinado family intends to spend the more great holidays arranged by the father and husband Alex Peinado. The family also make Hortensia, mother and wife, Milena Peinado, daughter, Octavio "Ramayán" Peinado and Carmelita, the nagging mother-in-law of the family. The family travels excited hoping to reach its destination but several unlucky trucan a great plan that Alex has a time for family arrived at their destination. The family accidentally gets into several difficulties which gradually give a beautiful lesson to them and despite the problems the family arrives at their parent duty station; Cartagena.

The Peinado family intends to spend the more great holidays arranged by the father and husband Alex Peinado... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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esteban c (it) wrote: Pretty good looking forward to seeing what comes next

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Tim M (us) wrote: Tim Roth's show Lie to Me makes sense now. Nice try, but it's a second-rate Usual Suspects.

Robin D (ca) wrote: A funny movie and worth watching.

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