El pejesapo

El pejesapo


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El pejesapo torrent reviews

Jrmie F (ca) wrote: It's not a Die Hard at all. It's just a 90 minutes firework, no story, no dialogue,... A movie to erase of the saga.

Dead A (it) wrote: The sound was creepier than the movie itself. I think the story was good. But it wasn't done well. Bad acting and terrible special effects. And 70% of the movie was done in darkness. I couldn't figure out half of it. Want me to guess? No thanks.

Thomas D (de) wrote: I love the pro life message. Defines our generation.

Silvester R (it) wrote: I love Rock Movies in general and this is no exception, sweet!

Danielle K (ca) wrote: This film is way too caught up on being creepy. It struggles to tell a story, it is completely consumed by the bleak nature of itself. Nancy isn't even a person at some point, it is very obvious that she is the most miserable being that could come out of a writer's mind.

Sou L (gb) wrote: Dipressing and boring. The camera stood still for hours, no dialogs, just empty screenshots. icannot understand why these kind of movies are awarded.

Sir J (de) wrote: Great film! Good cast and characters, fun story and great action!

Paul S (br) wrote: Very good film Sam Jackson and Milla Jovovich are great to watch.

Larry Y (fr) wrote: another supermarket DVD 2.99 DVD combo pack purchase

Russell H (de) wrote: good acting but way too boring. It seemed like it was 4 hours long.

skywalker w (it) wrote: epic movie?the godfather absolutely the best film in america history.mixing with family,ganster,business and of course,revenge.All men want to be like godfather.The soundtrack is great to.

Jamie B (ag) wrote: This story's been done before (and since...), but Morgan Freeman does this role like a champ.

Jesse H (de) wrote: Young Einstein is a very unique film. Yahoo Serious does a wonderful job as Albert Einstein in this quirky, silly film. Once you calm down from the fact that Young Einstein is about Albert Einstein's life in Tasmania, the film is actually pretty funny. That said, this film is not only really stupid, but it is stupid enough to distract from how funny it can be. Overall, Young Einstein is a stupid but surprisingly funny film that shows definite affection for the famous scientist. Although it doesn't measure up to classic satires throughout the years, Young Einstein is definitely worth a watch, and I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. 3/5 stars.

Steve W (kr) wrote: Oliver Reed is fantastic in his role as the victim. He is simply born a werewolf, not bitten or scratched. As he tries to find true happiness to cure his affliction, fate would not let him and it ends on a tragic note.The make-up and filming in Spain make it a bit different. It also takes a while to get started before the introduction of the adult protagonist.I noticed that the style of the new Wolfman film resembles this film. The suit with ruffles, Benicio looking like Reed and a few other details.A fine werewolf film from Hammer.

Ben C (br) wrote: John Ford's populist style shines through in the form of Abraham Lincoln - played to perfection by Henry Fonda.

Ricardo M (br) wrote: This movie is fantasmic, like it