El perro del hortelano

El perro del hortelano

El Perro del Hortelano is a shining example of a completely new way of producing socially conscious films. Set in the far reaches of the Peruvian Amazon, a group of 15 international ...

El Perro del Hortelano is a shining example of a completely new way of producing socially conscious films. Set in the far reaches of the Peruvian Amazon, a group of 15 international ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joanna C (ca) wrote: Oh man this is a deep movie! I can say this for sure, it has a great plot with great actors. Each of them could emphasize the rawness that the character was suppose to feel. I felt deeply for these characters as we learn about their stories! Truly heartfelt and sentimental. It shows segregation and the determination of a woman that can change her class and make them realize these teens living in the ghetto have potential to be who they want to be. They are able to learn from history that they can make a change and it truly is inspiring the the core. I recommend this movie!

Ded V (it) wrote: Vi no cinema, eh muito engraado. Um das melhores interpretaes do Toni Ramos, na minha opiniao. Ja Glria Pires apenas acompanha, mas da conta do recado. Bom pra ver com a patroa num dia chuvoso.

Aymen E (ca) wrote: another movie about the things that goes in circles and how the world is so small ... I liked it so much

Luis O (au) wrote: Cate Blanchett in this great in this amazing film from the director that brought us Red, Blue and White. The cinematography is outstanding. To bad he died before the trilogy of Hell and Purgatory was completed.

Lewis E (us) wrote: Jamie Foxx again displays his array of talents from impersonations and crowd interaction to singing and piano playing. However, topics I've seen used far too often (e.g. differences between black and white people) are present here while Foxx was also guilty of overrunning jokes on a few occassions. The range of high and low quality comedy in this performance means it averages out to good, but not great, entertainment.

Justin A (us) wrote: Usually with animal attack movies I expected several deaths and obstacles for the survivors to overcome. With this, it is kind of tamed down (until the last act). It is basically survivors getting attacked by animals, hiking, getting attacked, hiking, and then getting attacked. Few are attacked (or even killed) until later in the movie when it becomes mayhem, but the first half is a drag. The only thing that made up for it was an over-the-top performance by Leslie Nielsen reverting back to a primitive caveman in the second half of the movie for no reason. He's so good at being a jerk.Anyway, I did not really enjoy this movie, but I may need to give it another shot. It had moments I liked, but overall I was bored. It was like a less entertaining Lost Weekend.

Lindsay B (gb) wrote: i had to include a carry on as i have seen all of them. this has most of your favs and really their acting talents were wasted on too many of these. but it is one of the best ones with others like camping, doctor and the black and whites.

Vincent P (ag) wrote: A rollicking sixties sci-fi flick.

Muhammed S (ru) wrote: Modern science and technology has ruined some of the classic sci fi storylines but still is a great late night watch and real fun.

Grant S (jp) wrote: New York, 1950s. Carol Aird is long-separated from her husband, Harge. Their daughter lives with Carol. Harge keeps trying to win Carol back but to no avail. Then one day Carol meets Therese Belivet and is immediately attracted to her. A relationship develops and they fall in love. However, things get complicated when Harge finds out about the relationship and sues for divorce, using the relationship as leverage to win custody of their daughter.Aesthetically pleasing but not very substantial. There's a great style and sensitivity to the film. The fact that the love story is about a lesbian relationship in the 1950s could have been used to turn the movie into something for shock value, or try to go over old ground in terms of social mores, tolerance or civil rights. However, director Todd Haynes steers clear of these obvious detours and pitfalls and makes it into a classy love story. While this is a good thing initially, it doesn't help the movie in the long term. In the end it is pretty much a standard love story, just with the two main characters being women. There's really nothing profound nor special about it.Can't fault the performances though. Cate Blanchett, as Carol, puts in her usual excellent performance, and got a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her efforts. The surprise performance comes from Rooney Mara as Therese. I always thought of her as acting in tough, action-girl sorts of roles (maybe because she starred in the US version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), but here she gives an excellent performance in a dramatic role, showing great vulnerability and range. The performance earned her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination.