El protegido

El protegido

Story of a producer at the time of the big studios, in which the auteur cinema has no place.

Story of a producer at the time of the big studios, in which the auteur cinema has no place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles B (us) wrote: Crude, Americanized (and I do not mean the NYC setting,) junk driven entirely by glutinous CGI effects and populated with paper-thin characters that are memorable only when they are unbearably annoying (Redmayne is insufferably affected, slipping through fish-lips.) Some dull nonsense about repressed magical children becoming smokenadoes of doom. No explanation of why Redmayne is wandering about with a safari park in a suitcase. Just a series of dreary mayhem sequences that recall Michael Bay's Transformers more than the rich, textured world of Harry Potter. Also vaguely sexist. Plus a last minute cameo for the increasingly unnecessary Johnny Depp.

bill s (ca) wrote: If you can't fall asleep pop this baby on and you'll be under in 10 minutes.

Bobby L (mx) wrote: Aside from having the most odd but fun use of the song "Monster Mash" this movie has some other really good merits. The lead actor is terrific and exudes creepy and sympathy and mystery, and it's not an easy thing to do all that while being beat by your mother, even as a gronw man. I do not know how much of this is in fact, and how much got changed, but the movie held my attention for awhile. Unfortunately, it kept going, and it lost me. Not that it was confusing or any such thing, but rather boring at points, and it's only 80 minutes long. Maybe as a 50 minute short this would have been exhilirating. What we are left with is good beginning, great ending, and a few good spots, but mostly boring inbetween.

Tooba A (ag) wrote: What was the point of a pointless sequel?

Jamie F (nl) wrote: Makes you wonder about the justice system that's for sure.

Anne T (gb) wrote: How about a movie about all the white farmers who have been brutally murdered since apartheid ended? or about all the police brutality, crime, murders that have happened since then??

Amy C (br) wrote: johnny depp do i have to say more?

Matthys L (gb) wrote: Significantly better than the first movie, however it was still just another average thriller movie.

Lee M (ca) wrote: Harlem Aria has been gathering dust since it screened at the Toronto Film Festival in 1999. Why it is now getting a release is something Congress should look into.

Max M (nl) wrote: How did this become a pseudo-classic? The only good part is the 30-second musical duet with Farley and Dennehy.

Private U (de) wrote: haha, best worst movie ever

Harry W (nl) wrote: The problem with Smokey and the Bandit II is that it's more childish and tries to milk the humour from the last one, succeeding only once in a while. It's less about the car chases now which was what made Smokey and the Bandit so successful. Also, Jackie Gleason still has moments but not enough of them due to a weak script. So in the end, Smokey and the Bandit 2 may appeal to kids but not many others.

Michael H (kr) wrote: "Dracula Has Risen From the Grave" contains many iconic elements. Dracula's red-lined cape disguises his lurking abilities to perform superhuman feats. It wouldn't be a vampire movie without at least one stake through a vampire??s heart, though it's never explained how Dracula survives the assassination attempt. Christopher Lee's death-by-crucifix ending stands as one of the most indelible gothic images ever recorded in cinematic vampire lore.

Eric V (gb) wrote: I knew what I was getting into when I picked a movie called Zombeavers. There have actually been a few good parodies of horror films in recent years (like Tucker and Dale vs. Evil). Yet, this low-low budget horror flick makes Piranha look like Titanic. Both in acting and in effects, this film is barely holding on with life support. A couple clever shots does not make an enjoyable time.