El rascacielos latino

El rascacielos latino

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Adriano B (kr) wrote: Fessenden has a penchant for environmentalism, a thing that in reality rarely goes well with pathos. Howeber, he managed to tell a story which, albeit slowpaced to the point of freeze, is genuinely eerie and cookie-deserving for an original choice of monsters (how many horned nature wights have you seen lately in horror?)

Chris D (jp) wrote: A really entertaining Japanese Sci-Fi/Thriller starring the brilliant Takashi Kaneshiro. Now before we go any further, yes I admit it does knick all the good bits from "The Matrix", "Terminator", "E.T", "Independence Day", "Transformers" and many other American favourites, but it does do it in a glorious Japanese way. This film has made many enemies, especially in the U.S but it is a very enjoyable film to watch, it has some nice story twists, and some fantastic action sequences and it well worth buying as it is fast becoming a cult favourite. Please ignore the detractors and the critics, sit back and enjoy an excellent sci-fi film with lots of action.

visitorQ S (ru) wrote: Sehr ruhiger Chabrol der mir ganz gut gefallen hat. Vor allem Isabelle Huppert war wieder einmal klasse, vor dieser Frau habe ich einfach unfassbar viel Angst. :D 3/5

Ken D (kr) wrote: Only the fact that Oldman delivers one of his best performances should make this crime drama a must-see. But 'State of Grace' has so much more to offer. First off, the chemistry between Oldman and Penn is just amazing. Harris and Wright are on top of their game as well. The movie is shot beautifully and the New York setting and score by Ennio Morricone gives it a unique feel to it. The unoriginal story is the only negative really. I wish more people knew about this movie.

Sarah G (ru) wrote: This documentary shows the true life of a graffiti writer in NY at the time. From the love of their pieces to the beef with Cap, it's a true human story of the people. Both sides (for and against) of graffiti was shown in the film. You find out what the city does to get rid of the artwork, but you also find out the hard work and cunning that goes into applying the art. A lovely inside look at kids bombing the system.

Rachel A (ag) wrote: One of my favorite movies. So many indelible moments. So strange and funny and lovely. I love the scene where they're just driving around the city in their convertible, singing. Vanessa is such a knock-out.

jay b (gb) wrote: I too liked Magnolia because the critics told me to. Actually I didn't. This film figured to how to make potentially interesting, boring. It was a lot of clutter that was very loosely stiched together. This pile of garbage was passed off as being extremely clever under the guise that it was avant-garde. It isn't. This was nothing new. It's only unique quality was in how poorly it was executed. I don't know who funded this, I'm not bothering to look it up. They are idiots and the money would have served a better purpose being burned in a giant pile. That would have been more watchable. They must have spent a ton on advertising and bribing critics to turn any profit. The money spent on the soundtrack was the only real intelligent investment and that would have been much better spent on real writers. I watched this movie again recently, thinking that I had never seen it before, wondering how that could have happened. I rewatched it and slowly remembered why. I had forgotten almost everything. It is just that forgettable. I also must have put some effort into forgetting it so as to not let it poison my brain, because I had watched it a few times before. I honestly can't wait till the next time I forget it. But I wrote this review as a reminder so that I may never be burdened again with it. I hope this review stops you from making the same mistake I did, watching it ever in the first place. Over the top performances by actors are usually something to be seen, but this film showed some of the most terrible performances that any of these people have ever done in their lives. I lost so much respect for everyone who was in it. It wasn't their fault though. They were written and directed, by the same person, to do so. Total trash. This film should have ended everyone's careers, but insead it recieved accolades. It must have been the kind of spin artists who conviced people we won the Vietnam war. Oh, I got it. For those that may accuse me of "not getting it". I just happen to be able to be honest, while being tasetful, and courageous enough to tell the truth about what I had seen. This movie is just an example of how the power of critics can destroy the future of culture. People do not have their own opinions. They are followers. The human behaviour experiments, the salem witch trials, the Third Reich. You critics keep telling people that this is good and we are gonna see more like it. Poison the world. I have a review for any critic that positively reviewed this movie. These critics are human garbage who are playing off of your insecurities and trying to pretend they are more intelligent than you. Be honest with yourself. Was this good storytelling? The characters were empty, pointless, and unrealistic. They were like watching animated scenery, and a poor personification at that. The whole movie, the plot, start to finish, the characters and their choices, all seemed extremely contrived pretentious nonsense. This is the worst kind of elitist arthouse crap. I'm not saying that I have disliked all arthouse style films. I am saying, that if people lived in an actual art house, this would be what they would flush down the toilet. The one negative about this review process is that I can't rate it lower.

Rob O (gb) wrote: Not sure why I never watched this movie before since it is right up my alley but man, I am too old to spend any amount of time trying discern what I just watched. My 17-22 year-old self would have put some sort of BS hypothesis together about what this movie was trying to say but the old version of myself doesn't really care, doesn't have the time and wasn't too impressed. The last third of this movie was a waste of time.

(jp) wrote: This was a surprisingly annoying and unfunny movie, this would've gotten 1 or 1 and a half stars if it weren't for the decent and nicely done 15 minute ending, this was not a good movie at all, and I wouldn't watch it again. -_- and I say all this because it wasn't original one bit, maybe some of it was, but it was just another out of place movie.

Francisco S (fr) wrote: Despite is interesting script, its talented cast and some funny scenes, Wild Hogs falls into a predictable narrative with a lack of an original story and with some cliches.